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Daily Flash Fiction Entry 21 Jan 21
I don’t get it! I thought I had everything figured out, and then I’m thrown off balance. I just started a new job that I love, and I found out that they cut half of the employees due to budget cuts. I’m the newest one, so I’m the first to go.

I just found a beautiful apartment to live in. The rent is higher than I would like, but it has everything I need or want. If I lose the job, I also lose the place I live. Where am I going to live?

I met this beautiful woman, and she is perfect for me. We went on a couple of dates, and things seem to have gone well. I called her a few times in the last day or so, and she hasn’t responded. What did I do to deserve this?

The next day at work, I’ve become a ball of terrible energy just waiting for the bad news. It turns out that it was a massive rumour, and nobody is leaving. They are hiring more people, and I can’t believe it! I’m going to be okay.

The day flies by, and on the way home, my cell sounds. It’s a message from the woman I’ve been waiting for. She was out of town at a funeral for a relative and couldn’t answer or call. I feel foolish, and after the day I’ve had, I remind myself that yes, sometimes I don’t get it. It doesn’t mean everything will explode in my face. Good things happen.

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