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When a group of people get tired and decide to take it all back.
This isn't just a declaration of our independence, it's a declaration of our willingness to fight. Our declaration that we won't back down until the very land we tread on, the very air we breathe is ours alone. We don't want a part of this madness anymore. I don't think you realize, but you're a tyrant, plain and simple. You've poisoned the minds of your own allies, making them loyal by a force that they don't see. Everyone outside your close circle lives in fear that they'll be the next to go. We're taking it all back, no matter the cost. If it comes to chaos, then so be it. This is the Declaration of Chaos. The Declaration of Freedom. The Declaration of the end of Terror.

Our Demands

1) You are falsely imprisoning 2 of our men. We will come to get them at midnight tomorrow, if they aren't there, alone, we will invade your city ourselves and rescue them.
2) We are in the possession of a piece of land, which will become the Kingdom of Dystopia. You, or any others affiliated with you, are not allowed under any unprecedented reason, to be on our soil. Failure to comply will result in your imprisonment and possible execution.
3) Anyone within our walls with the exception of those mentioned above are under our protection, any attack on them will be met with one of our own.
4) All above demands are non-negotiable and will be enforced by us at all times.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2242342-A-Declaration-of-Chaos