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An end of world book with new species integrating with human females will be over 18

The year is 2121AD Terra, which was known as Earth. About two thirds of Terra was decimated and what didn’t get destroyed had E.M.P. (electro magnetic pulse) bombs dropped on it. There is no electricity on a worldwide scale. The human population is nearing the end of extinction if compared to the late twentieth century, and there are practically no forms of government. The only governments we have come up with are individual towns barricading themselves against the anarchy that rages outside the puny shields that surround their towns.

When the wars first began, they founded the Bounty Hunter Institute. No woman was ever allowed to join this small group of peacemakers. It is said that females are not strong enough they would ensure that through breeding that the human population would continue. As a matter of speaking this was not entirely false. Aliens from thousands of light years away unleashed a deadly virus that only affected girls who had undergone the stages of puberty. Even the young girls who had their change after the virus was released, died and to this day women still die. Perhaps it is not so common; but it still happens.

After the first aliens came, the Paouctar, then came then the Vanshiny, these beings did not come in peace. The Vanshiny are responsible for most of the damage done to Terra and her people, the war raged on for many years and all of Terra stood united against this threat. It wasn’t until the Dragonites came that Terra’s people started to war with each other.
The Dragonites had come in peace. They drove the Vanshiny from Terra’s space and tried to help the humans rebuild and instill a new hope for the future. The people of Terra did not want to trust their new allies, after years of wars with other races, the people could not find it in their hearts to forgive and forget. So the remaining population fought amongst themselves and a new form of chaos broke out. Nevertheless, the ever cautious and wise Dragonites kept a vigilant watch on Terra and her people and forswore interfering again unless asked to do so, and so the Dragonites left a devise in the badlands that would enable the people of Terra to cry out to God, so to speak.
We are so screwed.

# # #

Morgan was the town hell raiser. She hasn’t exactly had the best life, but she tries. Her latest scheme was thwarted, and she ended up doing sixty hours of community service. All because Bran Reynolds.

Bran was Morgan’s junior high and high school sweetheart; she had not seen him in almost three years. Now that Morgan is almost eighteen years old, she needs to make a legend of her name. At least she thinks she does.

The ultimate challenge anyone could undertake was taking on a bounty hunter. A bounty hunter could be anywhere from the age of sixteen and up. How was Morgan to know that Bran was a bounty hunter? He had left town when he was sixteen years old, and if you have a knack for that type of work you can progress quite quickly. Morgan would have made an excellent bounty hunter except if it weren’t for the fact that she was female. In this day and age; Terra needed every female they could get and not just for breeding.

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