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by GEN42
Rated: XGC · Short Story · Adult · #2242349
maybe a real or dream weekend???
When we arrived at the beach house, I couldn't believe we had spent over a grand for such a dump. I was not impressed, but as we entered the living room and saw the view, I started to change my tune.

Looking out the huge windows, the beach was only 100 feet away and would only take a few minutes to get to the water.

As we explored the house, I was amazed at the actual space we were getting, the kitchen was large and comfortable, and there was a corner of the open living room with a love seat and a TV. Moving into the main living room, there was a huge grey brick fireplace and two large comfortable looking couches. Seeing the two bathrooms located at the far end of the living area I explored, feeling the excitement of a long
overdue vacation courses through my blood.

The first bathroom was nothing special, a shower stall, toilet, and a small sink, the second bathroom; however, was a much different story.

Walking into the spacious bathing area, there sat the biggest Jacuzzi tub I had ever seen, lacquer black, and a small partition wall which held the toilet, with the added privacy of the partial wall!

The shower in this bathroom had bench seating and was big enough for five or six people. With 10 different shower heads and a water switch that looked more complicated the satellite dish remote control back home.

At least it was easy to read with a multiple variety of shower head options, but probably the most intriguing was the rain mist option!

Seeing another door at the back of the bathroom, I walked through it to see a master bedroom, with a wrought iron head board on the king sized bed and something that looked like studs hanging out of ceiling and walls.

Backtracking I was about to ask you what site you booked this house off of, but you were nowhere to be found. Walking through the living area, I paused once again to admire the view, and proceeded up the stairs into the attic. At least it was once an attic, now it
was a play room. there were four different sized beds, the same studs and rings sticking out of the walls and ceiling, but still you were not there, and so the further back into
the room I went the darker it got. I spied an open closet door at the very back of the attic and walking to it, you scared the shit out me, by popping out and
closing the door quickly behind you.

"Hey babe, whatcha up to?" I asked you suspiciously.

You just shrugged at me.

"By the way, what type of site did you get the house from, BDSM or something?" I was joking with you, but I saw that glint flash past your eyes. Taking me in your arms, you asked me if I found anything interesting downstairs, and that was enough for me to grab your hand and race you to the master bathroom

"I want to try out the shower first," I said as I raced down the stairs stripping my clothes off fast I could. Glancing behind me, I noticed you had your shirt off, and were trying to beat me there and into the shower first.

Pulling my shirt off and tossing it your face to slow you down, I beat you to the shower, and sitting in all my naked glory on a bench, I watched you take off the rest of your clothes.

"Which setting you want to try first, I ask sweetly as I caress my breast, tweaking the nipple harshly....

Watching you watch me, you slowly walked over the lip of the shower and stalked towards me with an animal look in your eyes, and it really turned me on.

We had both agreed that this vacation was to get back to the heart and heat of our relationship and so it seemed we are off to a great start.

Moving my hand to the other breast I caressed it as well, and tweaking that nipple as hard, they were now both red, hard and staring at you, but I was not
done with my seduction, and as you turned the knob on the shower, it came down from the roof in cascades of rain, and as the warm water hit my now puckered nipples it brought a his from my mouth.

Lifting one pert breast in my hand, I looked down at it, and licked it with the metal rod pierced through my tongue.

I heard you growl from across the room, glancing up at you through the water, I saw a feral look in your eye, and wanting to see how much more you would take, I used my other hand to trail slowly down stomach.

Watching your eyes follow my lazy hand, I watched you blink and I caressed my hot and swollen puss, and moving my middle finger lightly over my slit, I pushed in between my folds and found my nub.

Just then the shower heads on the wall clicked on, and I could see your cock getting battered by the pulsing water, not that is phased any growing part of you...

Just then the thought of warm water battering my own love nub occurred to me, and searching the glass walls of the shower I sought out a convenient one and moved towards it.

Turning to the side of the wide bench in the corner, I felt your animal hunger watch my every movement, and when I glanced back at you, I could tell my idea had dawned on you and your eyes widened for a fraction of a second and then a slow, lazy grin spread onto your face.

You shifted position so that you had a full view, and were still in the water hitting your now grown member, you started to caress you balls, and looked a little
more relaxed as I shifted my hips, one arm planted behind me to steady myself, I used my other hand to spread my self wide and lifted my hips into the hard, pulsing water.

Screaming as it hit my nub, I don't think I have ever felt anything quite like it in my 30 years, and adjusting my hand again so that it wouldn't slip, I humped the water like an enormous, liquid cock...

Feeling the water fill me up, batter my clit, I was growing frustrated, yet couldn't put a finger in myself without losing the effects of the water spray. I was growing concerned that I would find satisfaction but not fulfillment, as I hips stayed in the spray longer and longer, and I tried so hard to orgasm.

"Help me...” I whispered miserably, as I once again tried and failed to hold my self steady, spread my lips wide, hump an enormous water cock, and slip a digit into my hot, wet pussy.

"Please help me.....please" I begged feeling tears of frustration stain my cheeks, yet you did not move, I didn't want to leave this corner, but I was growing tired, and I felt as if I could take no more, maybe the water was strong enough to push through my heavy,
swollen lips. Finding that I could hear you pant as you moved a fraction closer, I begged once again for your touch, and was once again denied, you did however help me, you changed the setting on the wall water, and instead of a pulse it became a steady jet spray, and as the now hotter water stung my nub I knew it was hard enough that it would continue to do so whether I moved my hand or not, and plunging three fingers into my hot puss, I screamed out in ecstasy as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through my body, and in the background I could hear you stroking my cock and mumbling for me to cum for you again.

As the last vestige of my orgasm left my body, I pulled my fingers out, and
lifted them to my mouth, licking them clean one at a time, and then the dumbest thing happened.

All of my bucking and thrashing had slid my hand steadying me had slid to the edge of the bench and turning to watch you watch me clean my fingers I slid of the bench and landed on my butt....

You rushed to my side to see if I was okay, you looked shocked when I smiled up at you and pulled you down up top of me. I wanted you to fuck me, but you were having no part in that....

Grabbing my hair, and twisting my now wet, dark locks into your fist, you forced me up onto my knees, and seeing that I didn't mind you taking the upper hand, you proceeded to shove your throbbing cock into my hot, moist mouth.

As I reached up to cup your balls in one hand and to grasp your cock with my other, you suddenly released my hair, and grabbed both my hands and yanking them
somewhat painfully above my head, you continued to fuck my face.

I could feel you shoving yourself down the back of my throat, and resisting the reflex to gag, I swallowed as much of you as I could. You had taken all control from me, and were using me like a common whore, and I found I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I want you to take more, my pussy is dripping with my orgasm and new desire, and as you shove the entire length of your dick in and out of my mouth, I match the pace with my own thrusting as I get closer and closer to pleasure filled.

When my dripping mouth became to much for you to handle, and you became jerky and erratic, you released my hand s to do whatever I wanted, and I again shoved three fingers into my gaping, wet hole and used my other hand to grasp your balls, and squeeze gently, yet firmly as they tightened to shoot you cream into my mouth. As you came with a mighty growl, and I felt the first stream of cum fill my mouth, I greedily swallowed it all and continued to suck you dry....

Day Two

Waking in the morning, I could smell the fresh coffee brewing and stretching out my sleep, I winced with pain. I was exhausted and sore in places I don't recall using, but no matter, rising from bed, butt naked I headed to the kitchen with a happy smile on my face.

Pausing in the living room, to admire the gorgeous summer day and the crystal clear view of the ocean, my smile spread as I remembered the things I had longed to do again. Look for sea shells, go crabbing, take a boat and go whale watching. Go to the small town and
shop for stupid little trinkets you can only find in small tourist towns on the coast.

Walking into the kitchen was I came out of my daydream I saw you sitting there, with an equally pleased grin reading the paper and sipping black coffee.

Feeling incredibly sexy, I sauntered past you with a swing in my hip, and went to retrieve a cup of coffee for my self. Opening the fridge, it was sparse of
everything, and making a mental note to hit the supermarket today I poured a healthy
dose of milk in my coffee, reaching the table, I sat on a hard wood chair, and immediately felt even sexier because my still wet puss met cold, oak.

Resisting the urge to cross my legs I studied you while you read with a knowing smile on your face, and I sipped my steaming coffee.

Thinking back to our first shower together on vacation, I blushed and marveled at how dominate you were and how much I actually enjoyed the slap and tickle we had shared.

Never once in all of our years together had you ever been quite so upper handed with me, not to say we didn't have a very active, if not somewhat rambunctious sex life, last night was slightly different.

I could feel my puss turning warm and wet again just thinking about the shower, and thinking we would starve to death if I did what I wanted, by removing the paper from your grasp and sitting on your lap instead, I said, "I am for a shower." At my comment you raised a knowing eyebrow, making me blush even more. "Not that kind of shower, we need to
> go to the grocery shopping or I can already see the headlines...'couple dies on a vacation of sex.'"

Laughing at me as I got up and swung past you, I* felt so hot as you watched my butt sway in rhythm with my steps, and for some reason I knew you were hard and ready to fuck me. All I had to do was give you a wink, and I knew you would be coming to me.

Not even wanting the reminder of the nice shower to ruin the plans I had in store for the day, I opted for the smaller bathroom, and its shower stall.

Jumping into the stall, I washed quickly and after exiting, I walked into the master suite, averting my gaze to stay away from the glass shower room, with its
multiple shower heads.

Dressing without much care in a pair of surf shorts and a tank top...no bra I came back out to find you and you were nowhere to be found. Backtracking to the stairs, I went up them, and saw that you were not in the upper room, thinking I should see how big the closet was, I decided against it, and came back down to the living room.

Admiring the view once again, I noticed you out on the lawn close to the beach, I rushed to join you, with no shoes on, and after I came off the deck you turned towards me like you knew I was there.

You met me halfway to the beach and after talking briefly, you reminded me that we needed to go shopping and that we would do a few touristy things, before we came back and had a long walk on the beach.

Standing on tip toe, I wrapped my hands behind your neck and gave you a long, slow kiss, and telling you of my love, and thanking you for the best vacation ever, I never noticed your hands slipping under my top, and snaking into my shorts.

Feeling a familiar tickle between my upper thighs, I gasped with pleasure as you found my nub, and applied pressure.

"Gent whatever are you doing?" I asked through a gasp. Panting, "We have a plan remember?"

You stopped your attentions, and pulling your hand out of my shorts, you reached down to adjust your erection, grabbed my hand and walked me back to the house.

When we entered town, about 30 minutes away I spied the supermarket, and deciding we should grab a quick bite at the diner across the street, we walked arms linked into the diner.

Sitting in a booth in the center of the restaurant, I slid into one side, and you slid in next to me. Thinking it odd, but liking it, I leaned into your side, and rubbed my cheek against your arm.

After our food came, you fed me some of your pancakes, and I nibbled on my bagel with cream cheese and fruit. Thinking it would be funny; I dipped my finger in your syrup and trailed it across my left collar bone, and watched you grin in surprisement.

I was not to be disappointed when you leaned down and licked it clean, sending shivers up my back, and creating a seeping wetness in my crotch.

Looking around to see if anybody was watching us, I noticed that there was only one other couple in the back of the restaurant, and the waitress was nowhere to be seen.

You noticed my look and grinning at me, you took the syrup jar, and poured a small amount under the table, and when I glanced down you had pulled your cock
out of your pants, and drizzled home made maple stickiness all over it.

Glancing around once again, I licked my lips and sank of the bench seat under the table and proceeded to lick you clean....

As I lick your cock clean of its stickiness, I can't help myself but to take your head in my mouth...only to be sure I got it all, wouldn't want you to stick to your underwear.

As I am greedily slurping for all I am worth we are interrupted by the waitress, well maybe you weren't...but I was.

"So hun, where is your lady friend? the waitress asks with a wink.

Shrugging as your reply, you shift your hips to shove more of your cock into my throat and keep me quite.

"She didn't seem like all that, and if you are interested, give me a call," she sighs to you, as she stares into your eyes, slipping you a folder paper.

When I heard her snap her gum, I lost control, and with a loud thump my head banged the bottom of the table, and I scrambled out from under the table.

"Listen...Rebecca," I sneered staring at her perfect 18 year old breast, and reading her name tag, "I think I can handle my man, the question is could you handle

Snapping her gum in an initial response, she smiled at me, and replied, "Well he looked bored and so I thought I would offer my assistance."

"Bitch you can look somewhere else or we can discuss this further outside." Having enough of this stupid repartee, I jumped the gun and decided I would just smear her blood across the sidewalk. I was on freaking vacation, and some little restaurant tramp was not going to take up more precious time, and cause further interruptions than she already had.

"Jeez lady, sorry, was just thinking he looked lonely, that’s all." Rebecca turned in a huff, and walked through the employees only bar. Glancing down at you, I swear you were enjoying my little defensive tantrum as I stormed out of the restaurant.

Stomping down the sidewalk, I was furious with you for not sticking up to that teenage slut, and thinking that I would rather just go home than put up this shit
from you, I entered the first store that came into my direct path.

Rushing into it, as I could here you racing to catch up to me, it dawned on me that I was being juvenile, about ready to backtrack and find you, I turned to find you directly behind me with a happy, all knowing grin on your face. (Which pissed me off even more... but god it looks good on you)

"I can NOT believe you!" I exclaimed as I slapped your arm, "Why wouldn't you tell that slut to shove off?" I cried out with tears threatening to spill and a store full of patrons looking on....

Smacking you again in the arm, you looked a little baffled at me response. Doing the only
thing you could think of, you grabbed me roughly and wrapping your arms around me, you
kissed me.

Not a gently kiss, but one full of hunger, and passion. Pent up desire and fire came to
mind, as you forced my mouth open with your tongue and made me kiss you back. Walking me
backwards with your arms holding my arms to my sides, and kissing me in an onslaught of
hunger, to keep me from protesting, we bumped into a door.

You fumbled with the handle, and after succeeding in opening the cur some obstacle, you
pushed us through and kicked it closed behind us.

Grabbing the back of my top, you quickly stripped it off of me and left me standing bare
chested in front of you.

Uttering only one word, "Strip," you ordered me to finish what you had started, and
finding myself obeying without thought, I quickly shucked out of my surf shorts, and
t-back panties and stood shivering before you.

There was no preliminary to our sex, I had been teasing you, and myself all morning long
and neither of us needed it.

Grabbing my arms with a fierce hold, I didn't struggle against it, and let you back me up
against the far outer alley wall.

I felt my head bang against the wall, and tried to shield the hit with my trapped arms,
finding them locked within your grip, I had no choice but to let my back take the brunt
of the hit.

When you had me pinned, you caught my mouth again, and shoving your tongue into my mouth,
my knees went weak with a desire, and scared feeling that was very exciting.

I wanted to jump up and wrap my legs around your waist, but I was to be denied, as you
easily flipped me around and pressed my tummy into the cold concrete, and pinned my arms
behind my back.

I moaned with fear, mingled with wantonness, and spread my legs slightly of my own
volition. I was taken by surprise when you did not enter my cunt, but instead unzipped
you jeans and rubbed your full dick in my increasing wet folds.

Slipping it into my puss once, quickly, I felt like screaming when you left me, but I was
soon to cry out in pain and shock, as you thrust yourself into my rectum.

Never before had I let you have this privilege, but today you decided to take the
decision from me and do it anyway.

Buried up to your hilt in my ass, you paused and let my muscles adjust to your width, and
the invasion, my body felt at this point. Leaning towards me, you only had to utter five
little words for me to accept you, "God, you are so tight."

When you whispered those words heavily, and hot into my ear, I lost control and squeezing down with my muscles, I thought you would lose your control, but instead you
pulled out slowly and then slammed back into me. Groaning with a pain heavily laced with
pleasure, I pushed my butt into your pelvis, and begged you to let me touch myself.

Your point of view...

Unable to hold back, Jordan gripped her tits tightly and pull her back against as the first his stream of his cum flooded into her, whilher head fell back
against his shoulder. While she squeezed her muscles to mile the rest of him into her, he leaned back against her, his hands now tenderly kneading her breasts,

"That's it, My Love, get all of me." he said in a horse whisper, smiling slightly at her quiet plea for release.

"Soon, My Love, soon." comes his reply as he moves a hand down to her cunt-lips and feels the wetness. Good he thought she is wet, but not dripping like she usually is when we fuck!

Moving his hand away from her wetness, least he 'accidentally' make her cum, and after he pulled out of her, she went to turn around and face him, but his
hands gripped her hips.

"Not so fast, Baby!" he said, "I have something for you." he continued with sinister grin at the question on her face.

"I knew that enema you had this morning would be put to good use." Jordan spoke as one hand pulled against her hip so that her ass moved closer to him, "And I also know how much you love drinking my cum," he continued, "So as not to waste my load into you, I am going to give you this," holding the butt plug before her and smiling at the surprise in her eyes, "just to keep it safe and hot.

"Bend more!"

Following his command, she bent over more and Jordan took the plug, passed it thru her wet lips and pushed up into her pucker-hole.

Turning to face him, Jordan pulled her to him for a kiss, a searing one at that... Pulling away quickly, "Now squat down and clean me, My Slave...

Feeling somewhat humiliated and incredibly turned on, I got down on my knees and licked you clean. My body trembled with pent up desire and I was in a very painful situation, my rectum felt as if you had plundered me good and hard, and not giving me the
satisfaction of any release of pressure you then plugged me up with a phallic.

When I finished cleaning you, I had tears in my eyes, not to say I wasn't mad at you, I was madder at myself for liking it, and thinking that I shouldn't have.

Getting off my knees, I smiled at you, and quickly sorted my way out, to look presentable again, and walked down the alley the shopping completely forgotten.

You watched me walk away thinking maybe you had gone to far, maybe it was the slave comment, after all I was your wife first, and might need a little breaking
into what you had in store, so you followed me slowly. When I rounded the bend, I felt like I was walking bowlegged, and couldn't help but think that everybody was staring at me. It was humiliating to say the least, and embarrassing to the point where I just wanted to go back to the house, and beg you to fuck me again. But thinking a drink tonight might be nice, and maybe some fresh seafood for dinner, I walked past our car and into the supermarket. By this time you had caught up to me, and we did our shopping buying a lot
of groceries and a lot of wine, in order to last the rest of the week.

The drive back to our rental house was a quiet one, and uncomfortable to say the least, I continually kept switching my position to try and relieve the throbbing in my ass, and you kept grinning at me, I do believe you enjoyed my uncomfortable state.

"So what is it that you are so pissed about?" You asked me out of the blue, "Is it the fact that I finally tagged your sweet ass, or that I refused you release?"

Not replying I turned my attention to stare out the window, as the enormous ferns that dotted the side of the rode blurred past.

"Hello, Jen, I know it is the plug." You said satisfied that you had figured out what I was pissed about.

Turning to look at you, I took off my sun glasses, with fire in my eyes, and pointedly returned, "I am not your fucking slave. The other things are not so bad, but if you think that you are going to turn me into some sort of sex slave, you got another thing coming Jordan!!"

The second we reached the house, you unlocked the front door and walked back to the car to start unloading the groceries, I walked to the large bathroom, needing to think, and locked you out of it.

The first thing on my agenda was to remove the plug, but when I saw the shower I stopped dead in my tracks. My anger receded faster than I would have liked, and my pent up desire came roaring back to possess my body. I actually hit the floor with spasms, never
before in my life, had I been this horny. It hurt, and not in a good way, it probably felt like a heroine junkie needing a fix, that is what I thought of, I needed a fix. A fix of you.

You must have heard me fall, because you were at the door trying to get in, yelling for me, and I was crawling towards you, vision blurred, needing to find release and not thinking I could give it to my self.

The plug rubbed my rectum while I painfully inched my way towards the door, and I was astonished to realize that it wasn't uncomfortable, it didn't hurt, it felt good....too good!

When I was almost to the door, it came crashing in. You had busted through to make sure I was alright. It made me feel loved, and I forgave the slave comment instantly.

I could see the concern on your face, when you saw the state I was in, and you bent over to my face to make sure I was okay. I gave you the shock of your life, because instead of begging you to help me, ease my pain, I latched onto your mouth and forced my tongue in.

At first you didn't kiss me back, still not realizing what it was I needed, but as a deep moan issued from deep within me, to spurt out and into your mouth, it dawned on you and that was the last blurred thought I had. Your hot mouth cascaded onto mine, and with a
searing heat I had never felt before, you were swiftly naked and laying beside me, as you let your fingers wander. I can remember you probing my ass, and when you felt the plug still in, you sighed into my mouth. Making sure I was wet, which I was, and climbed
between my knees, teasing my wet cunt with the tip of your dick. Slowly you slid it back and forth through my folds, making my hips rise to try and force it, grinning against my lips, you probed my mouth once more with you tongue, and instead of returning the kiss, I latched on and sucked it in and out of my mouth, in the same instance you plunged your
cock into my wet puss, and I clamped down, feeling oh so full. Too full, good full, I liked the plug in when you fucked me. This time I was not ashamed, I urged you on faster with my moans and hands, still latched onto your tongue.

You matched pace with my mouth and soon I let go in a scream of ecstasy. I felt as though I had never orgasmed before, it was to much, my nails raked down your back, as I tried desperately to ride my climax. Scream upon scream escaped me, and my pleasure swiftly
turned to a kind of pain as it seemed I was never going to stop, and then as you continued to pump in and out of me, I felt tense, and then the first spurt of hot cum inside of me, started the edge of my orgasm to fade....

As the last remnants of our climax left us, you collapsed on top of me, not like a one night stand would, but off to one side, so that you wouldn't take my breath from me. I laughed a little, with tingles running across my body, in an ecstasy I hoped I would
again reach.

When our stomachs growled in unison, we giggled like kids and when you crawled off of me and offered me a hand up, I grasped it and as my stomach muscles clenched the plug was pushed out. I felt as if I was going to cum again with relief of pressure.

Looking up at you in embarrassment, you grinned down at the mess I had made.

"Go fix us something to eat woman." You growled at me, and I was relieved I would not have to clean it up.

Rushing out of the bathroom, I walked into the kitchen to see, one grocery bag spilled off the counter, and the rest sitting on the floor. Sighing with exasperation, I consoled myself with the fact, I only had to clean up vegetables, you on the other hand....

Throwing a salad together, and cutting some cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheese, I placed them on a platter accompanied with some fresh crab meat, and crackers.

Instead of placing them on the table, you ushered me into the living room, and to my utter surprise you had done more than clean up my little mess, but also set up a fire to be lit in the fireplace.

Grinning like a fool at the blanket stretched in front of the hearth, I gracefully set the food on the blanket and standing back up as you striked a match, I sauntered with a lot of sway in my naked backside to grab your attention, and laughing as you cussed at
letting the match burn to your fingers, I retrieved a bottle of wine, and two glasses. Sauntering back towards you with my goodies, I brushed by your arm trailing the still chilled wine across your shoulders and received a rounding slap on the ass for it.

You sat down and we watched the fire grow from a flicker into something that seemed more attune with how we were acting on this vacation.

After we ate, and had had a few glasses of wine, you spoke to me about my mess, "I found something a while ago that will stop what happened in the bathroom." You mentioned casually.

"How do you mean Jordan?" I questioned with a small grin playing at my mouth.

It was then that you brandished a very large steel dick and handed it to me. Upon closer examination of the thing, I noticed that it had a small chain running from the base of it on either side with a clasp at the back. I also noticed it wasn't as smooth as it first
looked, but had large lumps in it.

Taken aback you very politely cleared your throat as I had continued to stare at it..."would you wear it for me?" You asked sweetly.

Gulping visibly, I looked you in the eyes and finding a love there that can not be spoken in words, I slowly nodded. "Will you tell me how long you have had this?"

Grinning like the devil, you motioned for me to stand, and then bending me over; so that my hands touched the floor, you teased my wet puss with it. "I have had it for months," you gasped out as you slid it into my cookie.

I gasped and since you left it there for a moment, I could feel it was larger than you were, but I found the cool steal not uncomfortable. As you slowly pulled it out, I groaned with disappointment that you were not going to hand fuck me with it, but you were only getting it wet so it slid up my anus easier.

As you reached around me to play with my nub, I could feel the enormous object playing at my rectum, and when my breath started to quicken and you felt my legs starting to give out, you stopped playing at my puss, and using one hand to spread an ass cheek you shoved
it in me. Not gentle, but harshly, and I felt tears sprang to my eyes, but I did not whimper or cry out, I took it...I took it all, and you reached around my tummy and clasped a small lock onto the connecting chains.

Standing me up and spinning me quickly you kissed my lips, not a demanding kiss with tongue, but more of a gently loving kiss that I returned wholeheartedly.

You led me to the bedroom and tucked me in to bed, knowing that I was exhausted and said, "You go to sleep now my love, as I am going to put everything else away, and wait for the fire to die down a bit. I will be to bed soon."

Day Three

Instead of leaving right away, I laid beside you, gently running my fingers
thru your hair and only when I noticed your slow, steady breathing telling me
that you are sound asleep, did I move from the bed.

Leaning over to give you a kiss on the cheek, I whisper in your ear, “No words
can explain the love I feel for you, My Love.” Then kissing your cheek, I smile
at the soft sigh that slips your lips.

Going out to the kitchen and cleaning up, I then went out to the living room to
make sure the fire had burned itself out before heading upstairs to get things
ready for tomorrow. Passing by the large picture window, I made a mental note
that we have to make love in front of this window before we left this place.

After getting everything ready, I went back downstairs to the bedroom and
smiled when I walked in and saw you laying there on your back, one leg bent to
the side, your pussy lips in full view. Resisting the to mount you and fuck
ourselves silly, I crawled into bed, kissed you on the lips, cupped a breast in
my hand and slipped of to blissful sleep.

The next morning, you to find me not in bed with you, “Jordon… Baby?” you call
out, but not getting any answer, you go to get out of the bed and find a rose
and a note on the pillow. Smiling, you open the note and it reads,

Good Morning My Lover,

You have been thru a lot these past couple of days and for that I Love You.
Today the tables have changed.
In the playroom upstairs on one of the beds you will find an outfit to put on.

You are to wear only what is there, nothing more, nothing less.
(Bustier, thigh high heels)
Your hair is to be down and lose around your face.
Heavy on the eye makeup and just add to those ruby red lips.
Once your are ready, come thru the door at the end on the room and
Once you step through
you are ‘Lady Heather’
what you do after you enter is entirely up to you!
I will see you there.


* * *

within a short time I heard the door to the ‘dungeon’ and when you walked in,
my breath caught in my throat. You looked more alluring and sexy than I had
ever thought! You glanced around the room, then focused your eyes on me,
standing naked in the middle of the room and beside the love and lust I saw in,
there was something else, a glean that made me gulp and wonder what I have
gotten myself into.

You began to walk towards me, taking in the room as you did. I couldn’t tear my
eyes from you as you came closer. You fit the part as Mistress as though you
were made for it. Long hair flowing around your shoulders, blood red lips, full
bosom spilling over the top of the black bustier, thigh high stiletto boots and
to top it all off, the shimmering of your pussy lips in the flickering
candlelight’s of the room, my wanting to take you, mount you and fuck you until
we both said stop! My growing erection, proof of those thoughts.

As you moved closer, you stumbled but caught your footing, causing me to laugh
slightly. But when I looked up to your eyes, you met mine with a burning glare.
You moved over to the wall full of whips and without looking grabbed a riding
crop. Smacking the crop against your hand,

“You found that funny!” You said in a loud voice, slapping the crop against
your boot.

I quickly drop to my knees, lowering my head, “NO!” I replied.

You stop right in front of me, so close I could smell your musky scent. Bending
slightly, you place the crop against my semi-hard cock,

“No what?” You said, tapping my cock firmly as you spoke.

“No, Mistress!”

“Very good, slave.” You replied, removing the crop from my now deflated dick,
you stand back up and begin to walk around me as you spoke,

“I am the Lady Heather, but you WILL address me as, Mistress, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied.

“And you… simply are, my pet.” She said still behind me, “Now stand, arms by
your side, legs spread!” she commanded.

Doing as she commanded, a light smile on my lips at the sharpness of your
voice, eyes cask downward. You step up to me, so close that my breaths catches
at the feel of your breath in my shoulder and your breast against my back,
again bringing life stirring to my rod.

“How long have you known about this, ‘dungeon’?” You ask, the crop moving up
and down the outside of my thigh.

Knowing better than to answer without being given permission, I held my tongue.

“Answer, slave!” you command.

“I found it the day we got here, Mistress. “ I replied.

“And when were you going to tell ME about this room… or where you?” you
asked, the crop now between my legs, moving up one thigh, causing my to move to
my toes.

“I was, Mistress!” I quickly replied, “When I felt the time was right.”

“I see…” was all you replied. You stepped away from me and I heard the crop
coming, but before I could react, it struck… across both ass cheeks, causing me
let out a yelp and jump.
“THAT,” you yell, “was for NOT telling me about this room!” just as the second
crack against me sounded, again I cry and jump.

“And THAT,” you continue, “was for NOT telling me about this room sooner!” as
the third crack of the crop sounded against my stinging ass.

“And that one, my slave,” you whisper, having moved closer to me, “is for
smiling at me when I tripped.”

Then reaching between my legs from behind, cupping my balls in your hand and
with a firm squeeze, bring a gasp from me, “And don’t even THINK of getting a
hard-on before I am good and ready for you!” you hiss.

I squeak out a “Yes, Mistress!” as you let go, thought of a stiffy the farthest
from my mind.

You move from behind me, walking toward the shelves with all the ‘toys’ on it,
your cum glistening on the insides of your thighs. I quickly avert my eyes
before anything can harden up, glancing at you from the corner of my eye as you
look over the phallic array before you, “COME!” you command, your crop pointing
to a spot on the floor. Moving to the spot, just behind and off to one side, I
again glance down.

“You have been a VERY bad boy today, slave. Haven’t you?” You question, while
tapping the tip of your crop against the inside of your thigh.

“Yes, Mistress.” Is my only reply.

With eyes not leaving the shelves, I frown when I notice you stop at one,
“What shall I do to punish you for your insolent behavior, slave?” And before I
could offer my weak suggestion,

“I know!” you exclaimed, turning to face me, “I have seen the look on your face
when you have fucked me in the ass with cock of yours.” as you glanced back at
cock-shelf, “Pure bliss is what I see.” Moving back to the shelves, “And I have
always wondered what it felt like, to fuck one that way," then turning back to
me, with a wicked gleam in your eyes, “I think I am going to find out.” You
added with a smile at my wide open eyes…

Looking back at the shelf, I held my breath as you ran a finger down the ridge
of a rather large dildo then quickly turning your attention to another near by,
I let out my breath, a much smaller one with a squeeze bulb attached to the
balls. Turning and looking at me with the bulb in your hand,

“Is this used for what I think is?” You asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, Mistress.” I reply, my breathing back to normal.

Picking up the dildo and holding it in one hand, you lightly squeeze the bulb,
causing a whitish cream to ooze out of the tip. Moving the dildo to your mouth
and running the tip of you tongue across the tip, I see you smile, before I
quickly look down so as not to start my cock from growing again at the sight of
you licking the cockhead.
“I think I’ll use this one!” you said with a glean in your eye, “Come here
slave and put it on me!” you command. Moving over to the shelf and getting a
harness, I moved in front of you and got down on one knee, your dew covered
slit right before my face, causing me to use every once of self control not
grab you hips and shove my tongue deep with-in you. With the cock in the
harness but just before I strapped it to you,

“Stick it up into me!” you command, spreading your legs, “Can’t be dry-fucking
you now, can I?”

Moving the cock to your lips and spreading them with my other hand, I pushed
the head of it into you, bringing a moan from your lips. “All the way in!” You
gasp and them letting out an even louder moan as I push it in to the hilt.
Pulling it back out and getting ready to enter you again, “Enough! Put it on me
then move to the cross!” way your next command.

After adjusting the mini-cock on the back of the dildo so that it would hit
your G-spot when you fuck, I stood facing the cross as you moved up behind me
and began to strap me in, your breast rubbing against my back as you did so.
Moving your hands to my hips, you pull me back slightly and I feel the slick
cockhead move between my cheeks and press against my asshole.

This is new for me; sure you have fucked me before but with a vibrator in me as
I plunged into you. With a mixture of dread and excitement, I lowered my head
and willing my pucker ring to relax, I gasp as I felt you push the head into me
followed quickly by the whole thing until I could feel your hips against my
tender ass. With your hands gripping my hips, you began fucking me, easy at
first then harder and faster with your breathing your thrust. Soon we were both
panting as I began to match your thrust. Fast and faster we went and with my cry
of “Fuck ME, Mistress”, you moved your hands to my shoulders and grip them so
you could pound into me. With a sudden cry, you grip my shoulders harder and
with a slowing of your hips, I knew you had cum.

As your grip on my shoulders relaxed, I look down at my cock which was now so
hard and full it barely moved as you pumped into me, cum dribbling down its
length. I felt your hand move from my shoulder down and around my waist to
grasp my shaft and then heard a, “WHAT THE FUCK!”

I groaned when the full feeling, suddenly disappeared and replaced with the
sound of you ripping of the dildo and undoing my straps then grabbing my hand
and the two of us making our way to the ‘playroom’. You jumped on the nearest
bed and screamed, “Fuck me NOW!”," as you leaned on your elbows, your ass and
cunt high in the air. Not needing to be told twice, I climbed on the bed,
between your legs and rammed my cock deep into your pussy, causing you to cum
again as soon as my hips hit your sweet ass. With one on your hip and the other
grabbing a bosom, began to pound into you as you tour at the sheets and pounded
against me. Again you covered my rock, hard cock with your hot cream, but I
kept fucking you, wanting to feel you clamp around me again as your next orgasm
started… only then did I pour my white hot cream into your love chasm as I
pulled you up against me, my cum flowing into you…

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