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All's fair in love not in war.
A tale of love and bravery

Long ago, in the land of Rajasthan,
the state of Kanauj was ruled by Jaychand.
His one and only daughter, Samyukta
was of surpassing beauty.
On a fun trip to Ajmir,
she met the ruler of that land,
a famous warrior of noble nature,
the smart and handsome, Pridviraj.

Their love for each other was
instantaneous and for all times.
Yet, the political disagreements
betwixt Pridviraj and Jaychand, the sires
of the key city states of the empire
prevented the union of the pining lovers.

On a fine morning in the season of spring
her father arranged for her to pick the prince
of her choice for marriage, an event wherein
Price Pridviraj was uninvited, yet insulted
by being represented in the shape of a statue.

Knowing that the course of love never
flowed smooth, Samyukta took a decision.

The brave princess walked to the palace gate
to garland the statue of the prince that ruled
her heart and soul and her life itself.
Unknown to others, the clever prince hidden
behind his statue, emerged, took the delicate damsel
into his arms, carried her to his waiting white stead,
and galloped away to his own domain.

United were the lovers in glorious wedded bliss,
heedless of Samyukta’s unforgiving father.

A number of happy years later,

the sultan of Delhi had a problem
with the invading army of Afghans.
Seeking the help of Jaychand and Pridviraj,
monarchs of the city states of Rajasthan.
he planned to defeat the attacking Afghans.

The traitorous Jaychand in a bid to wreak revenge
made a secret pact with the enemy and joined him
to kill the noble Pridvi. Unaware of the evil plans of
Jaychand, Pridviraj led his warriors to the hostile Afghans.
Jaychand’s army attacked from behind killed him on the spot.

The tale of Pridviraj, the brave ruler of Ajmir, was told
down the generations for inspiring pride and patriotism.

Lines :43
Written for Lisa Noe, Kitty Love’s Story Poem Contest

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