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A Day at the Inn.
Hello everyone. It is I, the InnKeeper, here with your announcements, thief reports, and...such. I’ve got my coffee from Starbucks, and I had just finished helping the BarKeeper, Goul, feed Spaniel. Even though Spaniel is a ghost fish that kind of just floats around most of the time with his glowing black eyes of his, he does eat. It’s pretty common for freshwater fish to eat too. They’re called bloodworms. I go to Petsmart to buy this pack of frozen bloodworms. He can’t have too much though. The frozen bloodworms come in this little pack and they are in squares, and I have to cut them in half. Goul once tried to help out with the cutting part, since it’s so annoying to do, and… well, let’s just say that we found out that the HouseKeepers did not like eating or cleaning up bloodworms.

So I have to only feed Spaniel half of a cube of frozen bloodworms every few days. It’s kind of cool, though, because-since he’s partially transparent- you can almost see the bloodworms dissolving in his stomach. It’s kind of gross, but cool in it’s own way, I guess.

But besides that we found someone’s lost doll. I-uh, it’s kind of creepy. It’s a life-size human doll that still has its pricetag on it. It’s on it’s toe. Also it’s pretty dirty and pale looking, so maybe it’s porcelain. Almost looks like someone buried it. Weird, but if you like that sort of thing that’s okay, just keep your collection of dolls away from me. Forever.

If the doll is yours ask Goul about it. He shoved it in one of the meat lockers so that it wouldn’t get stolen by anyone.

Now you may be wondering, what is the Inn? Where am I? Who's talking? What's going on?!

Well, uh, if you are thinking these questions, I think you may have been kidnapped. But don't worry! We can help. Or, at least, the HouseKeepers can find you. Just scream loudly. Actually no. Nevermind! Do not scream! The HouseKeepers will think you are something they can eat!

*scream in the background*

*long pause*

Well shoot. I tried to tell you not to scream! *sigh* Well, uh, if there are still some people who are kidnaped don't worry! At least you were not buried like the life-sized doll that looks like someone was trying to sell before they decided to bury it. Honestly, the doll is so creepy! Looks like a human that had been buried alive. Pale skin, dirty all over.... *shudder* Someone sure has a passion for creepy dolls. Whoever you are please collect your doll from Goul and then leave. Forever. Please. If you do come back, though, don't bring any of your creepy doll collection. Or taxidermy. I feel like someone who would collect creepy life-sized dolls would be into taxidermy too.

No offense to taxidermy, though. I like the art, but sometimes people around here do it wrong and it ends up stinking up the whole Inn...

Word Count: 505
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