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thoughts in my head
Everything going on in your head you can hear clearly, But you don't realize that others can't hear what you can…
So others always ask you "What's wrong?" or "Are you okay?"
But when they ask you, suddenly all those clear thoughts you cloud hear sound muffled and you can barely make out what their saying.
And you can never remember what they've said because there's too many talking at the same time…
So you just say "Everything's fine"
And when they walk away suddenly those thoughts become clear again. But you don't even bother trying to talk about what's going on.
And it stresses you out because you know that keeping everything bottled up inside will only affect you mentally and physically in the future.
But you don't want to talk to anyone because you wouldn't know where to begin and even if you did manage to tell someone they wouldn't understand anyway…
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