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Not everything can be repaired
No thoughts that I remember are too much to handle
No emotions are too strong that I cannot push away
This, I tell myself...
No hope
Memories can't disappear while the scars still remain

You stole away my love of love
My love of beauty
My appreciation for life

You ripped apart my heart that was once so strong
You tore open wounds that were still tender and fragile
You bled me of my deepest secrets that were yet unhealed
You poisoned my mind with lies and deceit
You created a void within my vibrant nature
You shattered my soul and left my shadow in pieces

You rejected my hand that reached out with true compassion
You despised the creativity of my mind that once thought so freely
You drew upon your jealousy, anger, rage, pain and suffering

Hate became your god
It filled you with power
You lashed out at the world
You despised the existence of others
You lacked stability
You proceeded to direct all of your hate
Towards me
With lashes
From your tongue and from your hand
And you enjoyed it

You began to control me
And all the aspects of the pure emotions
I once knew and loved
Slipped away forever
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