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by onaya3
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Supernatural · #2242466
Kevin Senses Mali Is In Danger And Runs To The Rescue
2nd October 2380

Mama and I ate our dinner in a silence so thick with tension you would have needed an ice-pick to chip away at it.

We were both too stubborn to yield and too proud to see the other’s point of view. I was so angry that I couldn’t eat. My appetite had evaporated by my burning hot fury.

It was HER idea for us to move here. It was HER fault that I was pulled out of my old school and transported to this new school in this new country. And now I was being told I have to stop hanging out with my new friends?

The looks of confusion on Kevin's, Lucia's and Xenthe's faces remained with me when I told them on Monday afternoon I couldn't go to tribal lands with them after school. Kevin even asked if he had done something wrong. I told them I thought Mama was overreacting but I sensed it still hurt their feelings.

“Eat your dinner please," she spoke crisply.

“Drop dead.”

Silence…I froze the instant those words accidentally slipped past my lips. Our already tense atmosphere now electrified by hostility, so much so that the hair on my skin almost prickled. Mama didn’t look at me, she was that upset.

“Go to your room," she said quietly.

Without any hesitation I stood up and my chair screeched along the tiled floor. I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door shut. I stood in my bedroom seething in indignation as my hot tears filled my stinging eyes. I was so angry, I was shaking all over.

*Kevin* I thought wistfully *I miss you, I wish I could talk to you about this*

Just then my mobile phone beeped, alerting me to an incoming text message. I flounced over to the chair in the corner of my room where my school bag sat. Then I rifled around inside the bag before I pulled out my phone.

HI MALI, R U OK? – Kevin.

A reluctant smile escaped. Kevin could still surprise me. He always seems to sense how I’m feeling. It’s almost like he had an ability like mine.

TALK TO ME – I sent back.


JUST MESSAGE ME – I requested.

Knowing my run of bad luck so far, if Mama heard me talking to him on the phone she'd probably confiscate it.


I burst out laughing as soon as I read that. But then I quickly covered my mouth as I looked worriedly towards my door. I hope Mama didn’t hear that.



He made me smile again, he was so considerate.



Our English homework? Merde! I'd forgotten all about it. I pulled out my laptop from my bag and switched it on.




COOL - Kevin sent.

I opened up a new document and stared blankly at it. Merde! I didn’t know what to write either, now what?

I HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK – I commiserated with him.

But then I didn’t receive anything back from him. Oh, where’s he gone? What’s he doing? Has his parents told him that he can’t speak to me neither?

Just then my phone beeped with a new message from him:


Oh no, I hope no-one's ill.

IS LUCIA OK? – I asked, concerned.

But then another couple of minutes went by with no response. I sat upright on my bed as I held my phone in my hands and waited and then waited some more. Ten minutes went by with no new messages from Kevin.

Should I message Lucia? I was about to do so when I heard Mama call out my name. Oh oh, I hope she isn't going to tell me stop messaging my friends.

“Mali!” she called again.

I sighed with resignation as I put my phone down then I stood up and left my bedroom. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard the beep of a new text message coming in. Merde! I decided I'd see what Mama wants then hurry back to read it. However, I later found out I should have read the message first from what Kevin had to say.


I found Mama standing in the kitchen and waiting for me to come downstairs.

“Can you please take out the rubbish," she ordered.

“Take out the rubbish?” I queried. “What’s wrong with our waste disposal unit?”

“It’s broken again," she sounded annoyed.

It was the third time the faulty technology had broken which meant she'd have to arrange with the Real Estate Agent for another repairman to look at it.

I sighed wearily as I passed her by and opened up the waste disposal unit. I had the messy task of tipping the rubbish which was meant to be broken down into recyclable produce into a garbage bag. Then I had to carry it out to the main bin at the back of our townhouse complex.

I lifted up the heavy garbage bag and carried it out of the kitchen, through the lounge room and past Mama who was sitting comfortably on the couch. I opened the front door and stepped out into the cold night air. I left the front door partially open so I wouldn’t be locked out then I proceeded to carry the heavy and smelly garbage down the driveway to the main bin.

As I walked I noticed a couple of strange things. I thought it was odd by how much barking I could hear. The neighbours' dogs were all barking excitedly about something. They were pretty loud, too. It was like they were all reacting to the same thing.

Something else that felt unusual was I started to feel like I wasn’t alone. The hairs on the back of my neck tingled, like I was being watched. I kept walking down the driveway and as I went, I looked about myself. Nope, there’s no-one there. I couldn’t see any neighbours and everyone’s blinds or curtains were closed, so nobody was watching me through their windows either.

I reached the big bin at the end of our driveway where the visitor's car parking was. It was darker at this end of the complex and I looked up into the night sky. I couldn’t see any stars or the moon because the sky was completely covered by clouds.

It always made me uneasy taking the rubbish out at night and I strained my eyes to see better in the dark. Hurriedly, I walked up to the huge, rectangular bin where I lifted up the large metal lid and I swung the smelly, heavy rubbish bag into it. As I turned around however, I noticed a new shadow appear but it streaked by so fast, it gave me a fright!

I jumped but by the time I reacted, the source of the shadow was gone. Alright Mali, calm down, it was probably a cat. Yes, that’s all it was, a cat. That would explain why the dogs are so excited too.

Just then I heard a low rumbling sound, the sound of distant thunder. I stopped in my tracks and looked upwards again and just as I did, a chilly wind struck up. Oh oh, a storm was coming. I knew from experience that this was my storm dream coming true.

Suddenly, a second shadow streaked past. This time it was so close, its large silhouette sashayed along the metal fence which was only three meters away. That was no cat, that shadow was too big!

*Get inside Mali! Don’t just stand there! Get inside you foolish girl!* I heard Grandmama’s voice ring inside my head.

My heart was pounding by this stage and I broke into a run and tore up the driveway towards the front door of my townhouse.

I reached my tiny front porch where I found the front door closed. Merde, the wind must have blown it shut. I skidded to a stop and started pounding on the wood with my fists.

“Mama! Mama! Open the door! Open the door, Mama!”

Silence, nothing happened.

“Mama! Mama!” I cried out as I banged harder.

There was still nothing.

As the cold, strong wind blew about me, it freed some of my hair from its pony tail. The strands whipped at my face and I started to feel a sense of dread. This seemed too perfectly planned to be a coincidence. I felt scared like something was chasing me.

“Mama! Open the door Mama! Please!” I pleaded as I knocked non-stop, to no effect.

I knew Mama wasn't doing this to punish me. Safety would come first with her, she'd let me in then send me to my room if she were still angry. But where could she be? Is she using the bathroom, perhaps? I pressed my ear against the wood to try to hear anything. Muted voices sounded from the other side of the door as well as music from a program on the Internet TV, but if she was in the living room she'd hear me pounding on the door.

Out of the blue, a massive shadow dwarfed me of something big, as if it were looming up right behind me.

Frantically, I pummelled the door with both fists!


Surely if she was using the bathroom, she would have heard THAT!

“Hey, keep it down over there!” I heard the distant yell of a neighbour.

Should I go to them for help? Should I get them to call the police? Where IS Mama?!

“Hello Mali.”

I jumped a second time at the suddenness of the voice. When I turned my head, I saw an unfamiliar man standing on the driveway. I can’t explain how, but I felt coldness emanate from him.

“Are you locked out?” he asked, as he started walking towards me.

I shrank against the door with every step he came closer. I shuddered as I uselessly cowered from this strange man. He wasn’t as tall or as muscled as Kevin, but I sensed he was dangerous. The stranger had brown hair and brown eyes and he looked dishevelled with his clothes dirty and tattered.

“I can help you get in. Come with me. We could climb over the back fence into your courtyard and get in via the back door.”

His words frightened me further as I pondered how would he know the lay-out of my townhouse?

“Come on then," the man tried to keep his voice light and friendly. “We’ll get you into the safety of your own home in a jiffy.”

But I didn’t come with him, I couldn’t move out of fear.

“You shouldn’t be alone out here in the cold night, Mali," the man went on. “Come with me and I’ll take you inside.”

I shook my head as his words didn’t cajole me like the man was trying to. Yet I also felt like there was an invisible tug-of-war happening. The man’s will was trying to manipulate mine. I knew I should yell out to the neighbour, but I felt like I couldn’t speak.

“We need to get you somewhere warm and safe, you look so cold, so alone standing there like that," the man said in pitying tone.

“She’s NOT alone!”

This new voice startled both me and the stranger, as we both turned to look in the direction where it came from.

Out of the blue, Kevin appeared on my driveway. To my further surprise, he was topless and only wearing a pair of jeans. He was even barefoot, which made me wonder if the cold didn't sting his extremities.

Next, the driveway was temporarily lit up by a bolt of lightening and the cold wind felt wet with the beginning of rain.

The strange man took a step back from Kevin as if he was intimidated by his larger size.

Then I heard this really strange hissing sound which after a couple of seconds, I realized it was coming from the strange man. He was hissing at Kevin like he was a snake. Then things got even stranger, when I heard this growling sound which after another second, I realized that it was coming from Kevin. He was growling like a wolf. Are these two enemies or something?

“Kevin?” I looked back at my boyfriend when made my mouth fell open in astonishment.

His eyes were glowing red and his mouth was open and his teeth looked longer and sharper. His upper body started to get bigger somehow, as if somebody was pumping air into his muscles. Even his hands and feet looked different because his nails were longer and claw-like.

“Go inside Mali!” Kevin growled in a voice which was deep and rumbling like the thunder above.

“I – I – I can’t! I’m locked out!” I whimpered, terrified.

Kevin started to make a move towards me and then so did the stranger. This made Kevin stop and so did the man. Kevin growled again at the stranger who hissed back at him as they squared off against the other.

“Thiss isss MY prey Werewolf!” the stranger hissed at Kevin.

“She ISN’T prey, Vampire!” Kevin growled at the stranger.

What did the stranger call Kevin, a Werewolf? What did Kevin call the stranger, a Vampire? This is why I saw glowing red eyes in my storm dream, because I was dating a Werewolf?

Now I noticed that the stranger's face had changed, too. The Vampire hadn’t bulked up like Kevin had, but his brown eyes were now a glowing reddish-yellow, his forehead had demonic ridges and he had two long teeth jutting past his lips, like fangs.

“You are encroaching on a Werewolf’s territory by threatening a Werewolf’s mate, Vampire.” Kevin’s eyes flashed a brighter red.

“You may be sssstronger but I’m fassster, Werewolf," the Vampire sung gloatingly.

Abruptly, Kevin turned and moved so fast that he was almost a blur – a blur that was coming right for me! Just as he did this, so too did the Vampire, who made a run for me as well! Merde! This is it! I’m doomed!

Kevin reached me first. He grabbed me with one arm and using his other, he went for the door behind. Using only one arm, he smashed open my front door while simultaneously pushing me through the now open doorway. I fell onto my carpeted living room floor and just as I turned my head to look back, I saw the Vampire leap upon Kevin’s strong, muscled back.

I watched the Vampire repeatedly bite Kevin. But it wasn't like the it was trying to drink from him, it was like it was trying to drive his fangs into him like a snake attacking its victim. Before I could watch any more, Kevin used one arm to slam my front door shut as he used his other to try to repel the Vampire.


The noise was loud from the amount of force that Kevin closed it and I even heard the sound of the wood splitting.

He remained outside to fight it as I remained lying on the floor for a minute or two, I think because I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do and from the sounds of the ferocious hissing and growling on the other side of the door, it sounded like that it was some fight Kevin was having with the Vampire. I pondered if I should I go back out and try to help him somehow?

I know, I’ll call the Police! After all, this is an emergency. Although, I had no idea what kind of incident to report it as. What do I say? A Vampire and a Werewolf are fighting outside my front door? Mon Dieu, I can imagine them hanging up now.

Mama! Where is Mama? She’ll know what to do. I looked around the lounge room but I couldn't see any sign of her.

I stood up and rushed towards the video-phone on the kitchen wall as I yelled out, “Mama! Mama! Where are you, Mama?”

Then I came to a screeching halt before my feet touched the tiled floor of the kitchen area when I saw her.

She was lying on the floor of the kitchen and was looking right at me, or at first I thought she was. But then I realized that her eyes which may have been open and she was looking in my direction, were vacant. They were emptying like the life was being sucked out of her.

Next, I saw it…it…it was a man lying over her with his mouth pressed against her neck. I saw one side of her neck was wounded and bloody and he was sucking on the other side her throat, also wounding it and making it bloody. But while he was doing that to her, he was making these slurping noises like he was drinking her blood.

This man seemed to be enjoying it as I saw his hands were running up and down her clothed body as he drank. He was groaning as if he derived pleasure from drinking from her. He too was wearing dirty and tattered clothes like that man, I mean Vampire, outside.

Mon Dieu – oh no – oh Mama – oh my – oh my Grandpapa in Heaven – what the hell do I do?!

My mouth turned salty and the only movements I made were from my stomach heaving in a sickening fashion.

And then it noticed me, it looked up with his reddish-yellow eyes and its demonic shaped forehead and it hissed at me with its bloodied fangs! Next it raised itself from where Mama was lying on the floor. I tried to run, but my legs stopped working - I think from shock – so all I did was fall to the floor.

It started to walk towards me and I saw that his nails were long, sharp and dirty. His hands started to reach for me and I swear everything went into slow motion. Uselessly, I tried to pull myself along the carpeted floor away from him when things turned surreal.

For some reason Xenthe appeared in my townhouse by walking through my broken back door. As he stepped through the opening, he unsheathed a long, shiny sword from his back. Where did Xenthe get the sword?

The Vampire who had drunk from Mama, turned his attention towards Xenthe’s entrance.

I had to blink and then blink again in disbelief when I saw Xenthe change too. His eyes turned completely white and two of his teeth turned long and sharp like a snake’s fangs, as they stuck out of his mouth. Wait a second, Xenthe is a Vampire too? Then that explains the glowing white eyes from my dream.

The Vampire who attacked my Mama hissed at Xenthe and Xenthe hissed right back at him as he readied his sword.

“You’re nothing but a whelp!” the Vampire hissed. “I’m 126 yearsss old!”

“I’m a European Vampire and you’re a North American Vampire, I’m fasssster than you!” Xenthe hissed, holding his sword high.

Abruptly, everything went from slow motion to fast forward as the Vampires moved so quickly my eyes missed half of their movements. They moved so fast that a couple of times when they changed position, they just seemed to magically appear in their new places. It was literally like a 'blink and you'll miss it' situation.

Xenthe tried to run his sword through the Vampire but the Vampire dodged. Xenthe tried to cut the Vampire’s head off but the Vampire ducked. Xenthe blocked the backdoor so the Vampire couldn't escape and the Vampire charged at him. This is what Xenthe seemed to have wanted as he swung his sword but the Vampire grabbed hold of it.

It roared in pain though and instantly released the sword again as it recoiled, holding up his injured hands which looked like they were burning.

"A ssssilver ssssword?!" the Vampire roared in anger.

"A Katana from Japan that happensss to be coated in ssssilver," Xenthe replied coolly.

The Vampire backed away from Xenthe as he advanced with his weapon. My Mama's attacker exited the kitchen and came to stand beside where I was sitting on the carpeted floor. The Vampire started to reach down for me as if to use me as a hostage but Xenthe wouldn’t allow it.

Suddenly, my friend appeared on my other side, swinging his sword around as he completely cut the Vampire’s arm off! He cut off the man’s entire arm! Blood sprayed out of his wound, all over me and Xenthe and even all over my walls and floors. The Vampire screamed in pain a second time, as it stumbled backwards with a bloodied stump attached to his right shoulder.

Calmly, Xenthe stepped over my fallen form as he raised his sword high and readied to make his final blow. The Vampire saw Xenthe coming and tried to make a run for it out the front door, but Xenthe really was faster than him. Like a blur, Xenthe appeared right behind the stranger and swung his sword again!

The next thing I saw was the Vampire’s headless body collapsing onto the lounge room floor as his decapitated head rolled away to a corner of the room.

And that was it, the Vampire was dead.

Xenthe knelt down beside me and using one of our tea towels, he proceeded to wipe blood spray off my face.

“Did any blood get insssside your mouth?” Xenthe asked.

But I couldn't answer, I was too occupied with staring in horror at Xenthe’s completely white eyes and his two long sharp fangs, which were right in front of my face. I think he could guess I was frightened by his appearance as his white eyes changed to their normal faded blue colour and his black pupils returned. His fangs retreated into his mouth as they shrunk back into human teeth again.

“Mali?” he angled my face towards him to hold my gaze. “Did any blood spray get inside your mouth?”

But I still couldn’t answer him, like I couldn’t move my legs.


I jumped a third time that horrible night from the loud sound of my front door being broken open again.

An injured Werewolf Kevin stumbled in and now came to kneel by my other side. On his way in, he dropped his opponent's body on my carpeted floor beside the body of Xenthe's victim. I saw that Kevin's opponent had also been beheaded. Then I saw that Kevin's injuries came from multiple bite marks on his back, torso and arms.

“It’s a good thing that you fought a North American Vampire and not a European Vampire, Kev. With that many bite marks you wouldn’t be walking with European Vampire venom inside you.” Xenthe remarked.

But Kevin seemed to ignore his words as he cupped my face in between his large, clawed hands and he leaned in and started to sniff me.

“I don’t think any Vampire blood got inside of her.” Xenthe guessed what Kevin was doing. “I don’t think she was bitten either.”

Talking about injuries prompted Xenthe to check my mother as he next crossed over to her position and he knelt down to assess her status.

I was half watching Xenthe in the corner of my eyes and half cringing from this monstrous version of Kevin. His glowing red eyes unnerved me, as did his elongated teeth and by how big his body looked. He looked like he could have snapped me like a twig!

“We have to move them.” Xenthe spoke to Kevin. “The mother is near death.”

Mama, nearly dead? My Mama? His words brought out in me a helpless panic I'd never felt before. It was a panic that finally gave me the ability to move my legs again.

“No!” I pulled myself away from Kevin then I raced over to where Mama was lying on the kitchen floor. “Mama? Mama?”

I cupped her face in my hands and I tried to make her look at me but her eyes just wouldn’t focus.

“Mama? Mama! Mama, please!” I cried. “Please wake up! Please!”

“We have to get her help, Mali.” Xenthe said calmly. “You have to come with us.”

“No!” I shook my head furiously. “No!”

“Kevin.” Xenthe looked at the monster in my lounge room.

Werewolf Kevin came over and he gently but firmly pulled me to my feet.

“No! No! Let go of me! No!” I struggled to get back to my Mama.

Next, Xenthe lifted up my Mama from the floor and he slung her over his left shoulder before he walked over to the smashed open backdoor.

“Mama! Mama!” I followed after him with Kevin following me. “Where are you taking her? Put her down! We have to call an Ambulance!”

But Xenthe ignored my demands when to my surprise, he easily leapt over my high back fence like it was a tiny hurdle for him.

“Mama! Mama!” I cried out in alarm when I couldn’t see her anymore.

Then Kevin bent over and the next thing I felt were my feet leaving the ground. Kevin had just picked me up and slung me over his shoulder too. My head was hanging upside down and I felt the rain dampen my clothes.

“Put me down! Put me down!” I squealed, terrified.

But he didn’t put me down. I was almost stunned into submission by what I next saw. My back courtyard disappeared and instead the back fence took its place. I realized that Kevin had easily jumped over it. Then I saw the ground rushing past at a speed that could not possibly be normal or even natural, as Kevin ran us out of town.

Skilfully, he jumped high over fences as he raced like a cheetah through the back alleyways or back yards through Alma, remaining unseen this way.

I heard dogs bark as we passed by their territory as they reacted to Kevin’s supernatural presence. As he jumped over fence after fence, he managed to do so in such a way it didn’t jar me. Within a minute or so I saw the township of Alma disappear and tree trunks take its place, as Kevin raced into the woods.

He ran so fast that everything seemed to streak by so I couldn’t make out anything familiar. Plus it was dark in the woods at night, so I couldn’t see much anyway. I heard the further rumblings of thunder above from the storm. So far very little rain had fallen and the lightening lit up the surrounding woods for just an instant, before it all turned dark again.

But then I saw something, this something was running behind us, it’s glowing, green eyes stuck out clearly in the night as it matched Kevin’s speed.

In the flashes of lightening, I caught sight of the something that was large and light-coloured, galloping on all fours.

It easily kept the pace with Kevin as it bounded behind us, a few meters away. I started to feel afraid again when the lightening flashed, I could see this huge, hulking, creature run on such large claws. It had a short snout like a canine’s with a jaw full of razor sharp teeth. It looked like a cross between a wolf and a hairless, albino bear. I didn't know how else to describe it.

It had glowing green eyes, another sign from my dream. Just how many supernatural creatures live in Alma? The thought bamboozled me.

The huge Werewolf that was running with us, momentarily dropped back as if it was allowing me to get a good look at it. Then it ran up closely to us, so I could peer right into its glowing green eyes, with its thin, black, slits for pupils. Then this creature winked at me – yes I did say wink – before it bounded past us. It took off into the trees ahead of us, disappearing with its greater speed.

Was that another Werewolf? Did that Werewolf just wink at me? Does it know me? Just who was that winking Werewolf?

I became aware that we were running up a hill in the woods as the ground started to slope. After another minute of running in supernatural speed, I finally saw where it was that I was being taken to. Kevin slowed down to a walk as we left the tree-line of the forest and I saw we were in a familiar garden. I was at the Sabre’s house.

Why is Kevin bringing me here? Where is Mama? What’s going on?!

“Where is Mama?” I cried out. “Kevin, where is my Mama?”

But Kevin didn’t answer nor did he stop until he had gone up the Sabre's steps of their front veranda.
“Kevin?” I heard Mrs Sabre’s voice. “Is Mali alright?”

Finally, Kevin put me down by gently leaning over until my feet were touching the wooden floorboards. But as soon as he returned me to a standing position, my legs gave away. In a lightening fast move, Kevin caught me again and he held me steady.

I heard so many voices in the Sabre living room it prompted me to peer inside through their open front door. Inside, I saw a large group of muscled, topless Lokoti men with Mr Wisetail among them and they were all talking loudly as they were looking down on something.

Mrs Sabre stood at the edge of the crowd, wearing stretchy gym clothes with a Japanese sword sheathed on her back and Mr Sabre was, well, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs dressing...? He was wearing a pair of jeans and was pulling on a long-sleeved t-shirt over his topless form.

"Mali, are you OK?" Mrs Sabre repeated her question.

I managed a nod back before I looked up the stairs where I saw Lucia, Sophia and Susanna, in their pyjamas, sitting together. They were looking down on all of the activity with wide eyes. Lucia noticed my enquiring look and she gave me a small smile. When Kevin and I entered the house, I caught snippets of the Lokoti men’s conversation.

“The North American Vampires weren’t that old so they were largely untrained.”

“They’re not as fast as their European counterparts.”

“And they looked different, with their eyes and facial changes.”

“Lucky for us they weren’t as poisonous as their European cousins.”

“Lucky for us or lucky for you, Walt? I saw that Vampire you were fighting, bite you three times!”

“The poison gave me a momentary head spin, but that was about it.”

“Are you sure no others than those two strays, made it into Alma?”

“The pack cut off the majority when Kevin and Xenthe went after those two.”

“Kevin and Xenthe fought the fang-heads at the African Seer’s house in town.”

“How did Kevin and Xenthe know where those two fang-heads were going?”

“Look behind you,” Mr Wisetail said simply.

The Lokoti men who he was talking to, turned around and saw me standing by the front doorway with Kevin.

Their eyes widened when they took in the sight of me which was a common occurrence around here. They gave me a good long look before they next noticed Kevin, who was still holding onto my arms, to make sure I wouldn’t fall over. They turned back to Mr Wisetail and continued their conversation.

“Oh, I see. I’ve never seen an aura that colour before. Is it because she comes from a different country?”

“It could be.” Mr Wisetail shrugged. "Her grandmother probably has an aura too, she's a gifted Healer and Seer."

“Her aura is almost as bright as a Circulator’s, does it change colours too?"

"Not that we've seen so far, it's always a green colour although it does brighten or fade depending on her mood." Mr Wisetail answered.

Then the three men stopped talking as they looked on what everybody else was looking at. But I couldn’t see what they were seeing, their broad-shoulders and bulky builds got in the way.

“Where’s Mama?” I turned tearful. “Where’ve you taken Mama?”

Kevin in Werewolf form didn’t speak, but he gave a nod towards the small crowd before us. What, Mama was in the middle of that group of men? Just then I spotted Xenthe in the centre of the gathering, as if he just stood up from the floor. He was looking sadly down on something or someone.


Next, I surprised Kevin by slipping out of his grasp as I dropped to my hands and my knees. Like that, I scurried away from him along the hard, wooden floor. My knees hurt but I stayed down, as I used this new mode of travel to crawl past the numerous pairs of male legs in jeans or tracksuit pants.

I spotted my target amongst the many legs. I saw Mama was lying on the floor with her eyes closed and she wasn’t moving. Another topless, muscled, middle-aged, Lokoti man was kneeling beside Mama with an old, black, leather doctor’s bag beside him. He was treating Mama with a medical scanner and a couple of other pieces of medical equipment.

“Guys! Guys! Guys! How about we move aside and let the patient’s daughter reach her mother?” I heard Mr Sabre’s voice boom out.

Immediately, everybody’s legs moved away, clearing the path. I crawled up to Mama’s side as the Lokoti man treating Mama, was crouched down on her other side. I smelled antiseptic had been put on her bite marks on her neck, which were also taped up, with medical bandage-tape.

“I’ve stopped the bleeding," the Lokoti man waving the medical scanner over Mama reported. “But she’s lost a lot of blood and the Vampire venom has weakened her heart. It’s meant to paralyze its human victims and it’s now affecting your mother’s ability to breathe.”

What was that? I looked in horror upon the Lokoti man, was who was now filling a syringe-spray, to inject Mama with a drug. Did he just say Vampire venom? Did a person with medical knowledge, actually say to me, that my Mama was dying from Vampire venom?

Then I had a flashback of the hideous, reddish-yellow eyes and demonic-faced man with the long fangs, as I recalled the ugly stranger sucking on my Mama’s neck. Mon Dieu – that thing – that hideous looking man was a VAMPIRE?!? Two Vampires actually attacked us tonight. And Kevin is a Werewolf and I saw another Werewolf, a different kind of Werewolf, in the woods tonight…? Where does it all end?

“Oh Mama," my eyes watered, as I looked lost upon her. “Oh Mama…!”

I felt so frightened and confused that I didn’t know what to think.

The Lokoti man now pressed the syringe-spray against Mama’s arm, and I heard the tell-tale hiss of the drug being pushed through her skin.

“I just gave your mother a steroid to combat the paralyzing effects of the venom," the medical man advised. "It should help her breathe easier."

“Will she make it?”

I looked up and saw Mr Sabre who was the one who'd just spoken, now fully dressed and standing over us.

“I don’t know, she’s lost too much blood," the medical man frowned.

“Should I instantaneously phase her to the hospital in Fairbanks?” Mrs Sabre asked, as she came to stand beside her husband.

Instantaneously phase her? What did Mrs Sabre mean by that? Is that some kind of teleportation device?

“Not yet," the medical man frowned deeper. “Human medicine won’t know how to treat Vampire poisoning.”

“Then tell us what to do, Ki.” Mr Wisetail spoke.

He and Kevin had come to stand behind me as they looked down on the man treating Mama.

“Kita is going to need blood," the medical man treating Mama proclaimed.

Mama is going to need a blood transfusion?

“Oh Mama… please Mama… wake up? Please be alright Mama… please.” I bent my head over hers to place several kisses on her forehead.

But she didn’t wake up. She didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t make any sign that she felt my show of affection.

Mr Wisetail knelt down beside then he carefully raised Mama to a half upright position and he tilted her head back. Why is he doing that? I next looked at Ki and expected to see him prepare a blood transfusion kit but instead I saw him raise his right arm and then he - he - he changed.

Ki’s muscled body bulked up even more as his muscles expanded and his brown eyes turned a glowing pink colour. Right before my eyes his teeth and nails grew longer and sharper. Oh no he’s another Werewolf! But what’s he going to do to my Mama?

Using the claws on his left hand, Ki put a deep gash into his right arm and then he moved his bleeding wound over to Mama’s mouth.

“NO!” I squealed out of fear.

I was about to yank Mama out of Mr Wisetail’s hold when Kevin took hold of me instead.

“No Mali, it’s alright.” Kevin whispered into my ear as he was in human form again. “Our blood can heal her.”

I tried to squirm out of his grip but he was too strong.

“Lokoti Werewolves can regenerate from almost any injury," he explained. "Ki is sharing our strength and regenerative ability with your mother.”

I watched Mr Wisetail as he gently pried my mother’s mouth open and tilted her head back then Ki settled his bleeding arm in between her lips.

“No! What if he turns her into a Werewolf?!" I panicked. “Let me go, Kevin!”

Out of desperation, I tried to kick out at them, to push Mama aside or something, to move her mouth away.

“It will be alright, Mali,” he said in a soothing voice. “It’s OK, I promise. We’re not hurting her, we’re helping her.”

I watched in horror as Mama’s automatic swallowing response kicked in, which made her swallow the first mouthful of blood down.

“No! Don’t swallow, Mama! Don’t!” I cried out.

“Kevin, maybe you should take Mali outside until this is over.” Mr Sabre said.

Kevin gave a nod then he gently pulled me over to the open front doorway.

“No! No! Don’t take me away! I have to be with Mama!” I cried out emotionally.

Xenthe watched us go as did Lucia and the two exchanged a rueful look.

Once we were out on the front veranda, Kevin held onto me with one arm as he used the other to shut the door behind us.

Outside, the sky still rumbled threateningly as the smell of wet woods filled my senses. I shivered in the cold, night air, as a strong, wet gust of wind blew past. This didn't go unnoticed by my boyfriend.

“Are you cold?” Kevin asked, concerned. “Come and sit on the bench over here.”

Kevin escorted me over to the wooden seat on the veranda and he sat down first before he pulled me into his lap.

I had to admit, he did feel warm. He held me securely against his broad chest and he squeezed me with his large arms. He even considerately rubbed the tops of my thighs with his hands to make my goose bumps go away. To my surprise, Kevin’s body heat did warm me and quite quickly too.

“We’re not hurting your mother, Mali," he reassured. “Werewolves are the best healers in the world. By sharing our blood with your mother, it will make her stronger and heal faster.”

"But what if it turns her into another Werewolf?" I asked, worried.

"We can't turn a human by sharing our blood or if we bit them," he stated matter-of-factly. "My breed of Werewolf is the only kind in this world who has this trait."

“Are – are – are you really a Werewolf?” I uttered out.

“Uh huh.” He said simply. “I’m a Lokoti Werewolf.”

My eyes widened as I found myself sitting in the lap of the supernatural creature I had dreams about.

“What’s a Lokoti Werewolf exactly?”

“Well, there are different kinds of Werewolves just like there are different kinds of Vampires. You know how humans in different countries have different physical appearances and behaviour? It’s similar with us.” Kevin explained.

"Are you sure you're not turning her into a Werewolf?"

“Our ability to turn is genetic. It’s passed down the male bloodline, or that used to be the case. The Sabre family are the only difference there. Other breeds of Werewolves can turn humans into Werewolves, but not the Lokoti Werewolf.”

“How many other kinds of Werewolves and Vampires are out there?”

“There are four known breeds of Werewolf; European, Asian, North American and Lokoti. But with Vampires, they’re found in more places around the world, so there are more of them. Like um, let’s see… oh, I know! In Mali I bet you have local legends about Vampires and none about Werewolves, don’t you?” Kevin asked.

I frowned, “They’re not actually called Vampires, they’re called Shape-Shifters.”

Kevin gave me a grin, “You see? There you go! Vampires and Werewolves and Shape-Shifters are related to each other. We have the similar genetic trait that allows us to change shape. Werewolves change from human to beast. Even Vampires change when they fight or hunt, even if it’s not as much as a Werewolf. My Dad once told me the Shape-Shifters in Africa can totally change shape, like there are some humans can completely turn into animals. Is that true?”

His words made my eyes widen as I recalled those same stories, from what my Grandmama told me. But in those stories, the Shape-Shifters were always the predators as they preyed on humans for either flesh or blood or sometimes to consume the whole body.

I looked on Kevin closely as I tried to make him out. His grin was familiar and the way he treated me was still with consideration. But could he really be a Man-Eater, like the Werewolves I've seen in movies? Wait one minute - A MAN EATER?!? I sucked in my breath in alarm as I simultaneously pushed his arms away and I sprang to my feet!

“You’re – you’re – you’re a Werewolf?” I uttered out.

“Er, yeah?” he gave me a funny look for questioning this after all I'd seen tonight.

“Are you going to eat me?” I backed away.

Kevin frowned as he slowly stood to his feet and he dwarfed me with his height and strong body.

“Lokoti Werewolves don’t eat human, Mali." Kevin proclaimed. "Every full moon when our bloodlust peaks, we hunt animals in the National Park."

"So that's the tribal custom you, Lucia and Xenthe participate in, when you don't come to school."

"Yup, you're right. We haven’t hunted human for centuries. And we DON’T harm our mates, our family or our friends.”

Tonight was the second time he'd called me his mate.

“I heard you call me your mate to the Vampire…” I began, "...and when we went for that nature walk, you also called me your mate."

“Um, yeah,I kinda did," his face flushed.

“Is that a Werewolf term for girlfriend?”

“Er, no.” Kevin blushed. “We’re not mates yet. You’re my girlfriend at the moment. But I’m hoping that maybe, I dunno, that maybe one day…”

“One day I’ll become your mate?”


“Is that a Werewolf term for marriage?”

“Um, it’s more than that.”

Kevin came to stand beside me as he leant on the veranda railing.

“More?" I echoed, confused.

"When a Lokoti Werewolf takes a mate, it’s more than a simple marriage because unlike human couplings, we would never separate. Among my kind, divorce doesn’t exist. We'd be biologically bound together.”

“Biologically bound together?”

Kevin’s voice turned soft as he took hold of my hands.

“We wouldn’t be able to go for long periods of time away from each other. I'd be able to track you anywhere you go and I'd be able to sense if you were scared or in danger and I’d come and find you. And…the sex would be better than human sex.”

“Better than human sex?” my eyebrows rose in disbelief.

“Apparently," he shrugged. “I’ve never had sex and I’ve been a Werewolf since I was ten years old, so I don’t know what human sex is like.”

“You’ve been a Werewolf since you were ten?” I blinked in surprise.

“Yup, I changed on the full moon after my older brother’s death.” Kevin stated.

Oh, that’s right. His older brother was murdered the same night Xenthe’s father and sister were murdered. I knew the two were related and I hoped he could tell me more now.

“Kevin,” I began.

“Yeah Mali?”

“Remember when you told me about how your brother Kurt died, the same night and the same way as Xenthe’s father and sister died?”

He leaned backwards on the veranda railing as he still held onto my hands.

“Yeah Mali, they’re related to me becoming a Werewolf," he sighed sadly. "And why Xenthe is a Vampire."

Then as if perfectly timed, Xenthe and Lucia came out to join us. Lucia was still in her pyjamas and was now wearing slippers and a bathrobe as well, and she was carrying a blanket. Xenthe was carrying several cups of tea.

“Here, this should keep you warm.” Lucia draped the blanket about my shoulders.

Xenthe passed Kevin and I a cup of camomile tea each then he passed Lucia hers. I saw the fourth mug was his own and he sipped on it.

“Is Mama OK?” I anxiously asked the new arrivals.

Xenthe and Lucia exchanged awkward glances, which gave my stomach a sinking feeling.

“What is it?” I demanded.

“They’re still working on her.” Xenthe said. “She’s lost a lot of blood Mali. That and combined with the Vampire poison, she needs a lot of help. Kevin’s Dad, Walt Wisetail is now also sharing his blood with her.”

“Mr Wisetail is doing WHAT?!” I blanched.

Quickly, I moved to the window to try to see. But as I peered through the glass, all I could see were the group of topless men looking on. I couldn’t see Mama on the floor because they were blocking my view. I was about to go inside to see what was happening when Kevin tried to distract me.

“Xenthe, I was just about to tell Mali about what happened six years ago.” Kevin said quickly.

“Oh really?” Xenthe raised his eyebrows. Then he let out a sigh like he gave in, “Well I suppose this evening’s activities would warrant such a story.”

I'd just reached the front door and I was about to go inside when I paused.

“Do you mean that you were attacked by Vampires too?” I asked my pale friend.

“It’s how I became a Vampire, Mali," he said as he went and stood beside Kevin and then Lucia stood on the other side of him.

All three looked my way as they stood together in camaraderie.

“Why don’t you take a seat and drink your tea and we'll tell you everything.” Xenthe implied the wooden bench and the cup I left sitting on it.

My chest hurt and my eyes stung as my hand rested on the front door knob as I debated whether to go in or not. Finally I made my decision and I decided that if I can’t help in there, then I might as well try to get answers out here. There was so much I didn't know and tonight I was going to find out.

"How many supernatural creatures live here?" I enquired.

"You saw my Dad tonight, he's a European Werewolf. My Mum's a Lokoti Werewolf, like Kevin is. Xenthe's a European Vampire. The Lokoti Werewolf pack has fourteen other members, besides my Mum. I'm half Lokoti and half European Werewolf, like my sisters." Lucia summed up.

That gigantic monster I saw in the woods tonight was Mr Sabre...?

"You're a Werewolf too?" I looked her up and down.

"Damn straight," she smirked.

Then for a brief moment, her bright blue eyes turned glowing green with her circular pupils turning into thin slits.

This is what I saw in my dream! My new friends all own the different coloured glowing eyes I saw in the woods. This was the last piece of the puzzle of what my dream was trying to warn me about. However, I never told them about my vision so I thought I'd use this opportunity to get more information.

“Xenthe, have you been a Vampire since you were ten years old, too?” I guessed.

“Yes," he answered then he took another sip of his tea.

“Do – do – do you eat people?” I asked warily.

“You forget Mali that I don’t eat.” Xenthe said. “But no, I don’t drink from humans either.”

"So no-one here feeds on humans?" I double-checked.

“Nope!” Xenthe declared. “Every Werewolf or Vampire that lives on Lokoti Tribal Lands doesn't hunt human. Instead we protect our human friends and family from those that do.”

“So you drink animal blood?” I looked on Xenthe curiously. “And you can only drink certain liquids?”

“Yes.” Xenthe answered. “Speaking of liquids Mali, you’re tea is turning cold.”

I walked back over to the garden seat and I sat down, drew the blanket tightly about me then I picked up my tea and slowly sipped it.

I examined my pale, thin friend, “How come those Vampires that attacked Mama and me, look different to you?”

“Because I’m a European Vampire and they were North American Vampires.” Xenthe said simply.

“You’re a European Vampire?” I looked on, puzzled. “But I thought you came to Alaska from Memphis?”

The three cracked up laughing at my question.

“And my Dad was turned into a European Werewolf by being bitten by one in Alaska, Mali.” Lucia giggled.

"So European Werewolves can turn people into more European Werewolves, but Lokoti Werewolves can’t?" I verified.

"Yup," Lucia and Kevin said at the same time.

Xenthe settled against the railing as he told me his story.

“I was bitten by a European Vampire when I was ten years old, when my family were attacked. We were in Alaska on a summer vacation, camping in the Lokoti National Park when the European Vampires found us. The coven had come to attack the Lokoti Werewolves but when they saw my family they had no aversion to having a snack along the way. The lead Vampire thought it might be amusing to have a ten year old music prodigy as a pet. So after nearly draining me dry, he forced his own blood into my mouth. He turned me into a European Vampire just before the Lokoti Werewolf pack turned up to fight them. I didn't have enough Vampire blood to complete the change and I probably would have died that night but Uncle Walt, Kevin's Dad, shared his blood with me.”

“Kevin's Dad saved your life?” I echoed.

“Now every full moon I hunt animal with the pack. Sometimes in between full moon cycles, I need to placate my thirst.” Xenthe spoke plainly. "I'd say I hunt approximately once a week."

“Sophia, Susanna and I, hunt with the pack every full moon. But when the pack go into battle, like what happened tonight, we’re not allowed to fight.” Lucia said in annoyance.

“Why not?” I asked in surprise.

“Female Werewolves are rare, there’s not many left in the world.” Kevin frowned. “We try to keep our female Werewolves hidden and their identities a secret otherwise they'd be in danger.”

“Just like psychics of your calibre are rare.” Xenthe looked my way.

I gave a start as I looked on them wondering how they knew that?

“Your aura gave you away at the start.” Kevin smiled softly. “Apart from Circulators, you and your mother have the brightest auras we’ve ever seen.”

“You can see my aura?” I looked on the three standing so casually against the veranda railing, it was like they were talking about hairstyles.

“Werewolves, Vampires, Shape-Shifters and others in the supernatural realm can see auras. Primarily it’s psychics who have them because it’s linked to their ESP and how their brains operate differently. It's the reason why you were attacked tonight.” Xenthe announced.

“It is?” my mouth fell open.

“Vampires like to feed off psychics because they’re able to take on your abilities. They can spot your aura from miles away. The coven of North American Vampires that we fought tonight, targeted you and your Mom because you’re psychic.” Kevin explained.

My hands holding my cup of tea began to shake, as another bolt of lightening lit up the woods again.

“They also came tonight to see if they could chow down on some Werewolves.” Xenthe said coolly. “As the majority of the male members of the pack fought the coven in the woods outside of Alma; Kevin and I tracked two missing coven members into Alma. It wasn’t hard to guess which way they were heading, as there are only two people living in Alma with auras.”

My shaking became worse, it became so bad that I couldn’t lift up my cup to drink anymore. Kevin saw this and he left his place by his friends and came to sit beside me. He put his large warm hands over mine to steady them.

“Tonight we were lucky," he began, "the coven of European Vampires that the pack fought six years ago were harder to beat. They were old and experienced and far more poisonous. European Vampire venom can kill humans and temporarily paralyze Werewolves. My brother Kurt who was a Lokoti Werewolf, tried to help my Dad. He was fourteen years old and he was poisoned, paralyzed and then fed on.”

My heart pounded so hard inside, I felt my whole body at Kevin’s words.

Lucia continued, “It was one of the bloodiest battles the pack had been involved in, for centuries. Even my Mum helped fight and usually she’s not allowed. But that night she helped slay the coven that came to feed on the Lokoti Werewolves and her and her children. Since she’s also a Circulator as well as a Lokoti Werewolf, she can fight in the speed of light. My Dad wasn’t happy about her fighting, because she was three months pregnant at the time with Susanna, but he didn’t have a choice. The coven was thirty members big.”

Xenthe joined in, “European Vampires aren’t as strong as Werewolves and they can’t heal like Werewolves can. Most Vampires can only heal from injuries by drinking human or Werewolf blood. They favour Werewolves especially for their regenerative ability and strength. But European Vampires are faster than Werewolves and we live for longer. Werewolves age and Vampires don’t. We remain unchanged until the end of our life span. European Vampires are dangerous enough with their speed and their venom but with a silver sword in their hands as well, they're deadly. All Shape-Shifters are allergic to silver.”

Kevin spoke again, “I remember Dad coming home from the battle, carrying Kurt over his shoulder. Mum screamed and screamed for hours as she held onto his body. When I saw how pale and gaunt Kurt looked, with those bite marks all over his body, I threw up.”

My heart hurt when I heard the pain in Kevin’s voice as he reminisced on how his beloved older brother died.

Lucia went on, “Xenthe nearly died that night as did his mother. Xenthe was saved when Kevin’s father Uncle Walt, shared his blood with Xenthe. Aunt Stella nearly died from the Vampire venom, but the tribe’s Medicine Man, Ki, was able to revive her by sharing his blood with her. It's just like how they’re treating your mother now, Mali.”

Embarrassed, my eyes skipped away and I stared out at the dark, wet woods. The Lokoti really were helping Mama, and what did I do? I kicked and I screamed so much that they had to take me away. I owed my friends and their families one big apology.

Xenthe explained, “My mother and I were taken in by the tribe. At first the pack didn’t want to save me, Uncle Dec especially. European Werewolves are the mortal enemies of European Vampires. But Aunt B decided if the pack could teach a European Werewolf not to hunt human, they could do the same to a European Vampire. Every full moon I was taken hunting with the pack and so was Kevin as a new Lokoti Werewolf.”

Kevin added on, “With Kurt’s death my Lokoti Werewolf genes were activated to take his place. My mother was NOT happy when this happened. She was scared of losing me too.”

I could sympathise with her, especially how it happened soon after her older son's death.

Next, I put my hand over Kevin’s. “It sounds like it’s a dangerous life, being a Werewolf.”

“Yes and no.” Kevin shrugged. “I don’t have to fear being beaten up by humans. But it’s the other predators in the supernatural world that I have to be careful of. In the past there didn’t used to be so many battles. But because of changing times there are now more Vampires in the world than there are Werewolves.”

Lucia joined in, “Especially now that not many female Werewolves are being created. The natural balance – or supernatural balance – between Werewolves and Vampires is uneven.”

"That’s why Vampire attacks are becoming more frequent.” Kevin said. “Vampires can’t procreate via sexual means but they reproduce by sharing blood with the chosen, whether the chosen want to or not. And because Werewolf numbers are becoming low, Vampires are attacking more and more as they grow in numbers. To the Vampires, it’s a case of who's going to eat us first before we become extinct.”

I stood up so suddenly from disgust and horror, that my blanket fell off and I spilt my tea.

Dutifully, Kevin picked up my fallen blanket and he came up behind to return it about my shoulders. Then he remained there, rubbing my arms and my back to warm me. His gesture warmed my heart as his hands warmed my body.

Slowly I turned around to face him, “I don’t want you to die Kevin.”

His boyish grin was immediate, “I’m not going to die, Mali.”

“You’re not?”

“No!” he laughed. “We’re a lot tougher than we look, trust me.”

My eyes left his as they dropped downwards to look over his torso when I realized something. All of the Vampire bite marks were healed over and his skin looked flawless. He had fully regenerated.

“Kevin, you’re completely healed!” I uttered out in awe.

“See," he pulled me into an embrace. “Werewolves are tough and we don’t go down without a fight. There’s not many in the world or the supernatural world that want to take us on.”

I giggled like a little school girl with a crush when we realized we had an audience so we parted slightly.

“Xenthe,” I started, as something else occurred to me, “if Vampires don’t age and you were bitten when you were ten years old -"

“How am I growing up?” he guessed what I was going to ask. “It’s thanks to Aunt B and her abilities as a Circulator.”

“What’s a Circulator?”

“The Lokoti call Circulators ‘Light People’ because they can move in the speed of light and travel through time. They effectively turn themselves into light which they call going into phase when they travel through time. Aunt B can change her appearance between young and old and back again. Using this technique, every six months she alters time inside my body, to make me older and effectively grow up.” Xenthe filled me in.

“Your mother can do that?" I looked at Lucia impressed. "Does that mean you can do that too?”

“No," she laughed. “My parents are the last of the Circulators, all the others have left Earth.”

“Have they gone to live on one of the terra-formed planets?” I queried.

“Nope, they evolved into permanent beings of light and went to exist in the space time continuum.” Lucia stated.

“Oh,” I said in befuddlement.

“Just before my Dad died of old age, my Mum turned him into a Circulator by raising his bio-electromagnetic frequency. She put it into temporal flux. So now he’s a European Werewolf and a Circulator.” Lucia finished.

“Before your Dad died of OLD age?!” my eyes practically popped out of their sockets.

The tall, strong, blonde-haired man who looked like he was in his twenties nearly died of OLD age?!

“My Dad is 317 years old.” Lucia shrugged it off.

My jaw dropped to the floor as all I could do was stare at her.

“Is your mother the same age as your father?" I checked.

“She’s 314 years old," she answered.

“Then how old are you?” I looked her up and down.

"I’m your age, Mali.” Lucia gave me a funny look. "I'm sixteen years old."

I muttered under my breath, "And people used to think my family were unusual when my Great Grandmama reached her 110th Birthday before she died.”

But Kevin, Lucia and Xenthe with their supernatural hearing, caught this and laughed.

“Good.” Kevin pulled me into his arms again. “Then I've got you for some time to come.”

I looked sceptically upon him before I passed this expression to Lucia and Xenthe.

“So you’re not about to tell me you’re all secretly a hundred years old?” I eyed them closely.

“Mali, if we were a hundred years old and still in High School, then you should be worried.” Lucia said humorously.

Then she, Xenthe and Kevin all laughed loudly at this as they gave each other a playful shove.

Just then the front door opened and the youthful Mr Sabre appeared.

“Mali, your mother’s awake," he announced. "She's asking for you."

Mr Sabre stood aside and held the door open as I quickly walked past him to go see her.


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