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The results show that President Biden won the general election outcome with electoral vote
The race to the White House was clear from the beginning on the favored President for 2021. It was Joe Biden's win by many votes casted. It was a race to the White House, not the demolishing derby. Even with democratic process of our constitution naming our new elected President--what is questionable? It is a clear win for President Joe Biden and no contest with Ex-President Donald Trump by thousands of votes calculated a certain winner.

How can the general election be overturned in Trump's favor for his party. It is a done deal through threw the voice of the people that called this election not in Trump's favor. We have the majority of the people's votes that cast Joe Biden in the new office of President of the US. The raceo the White House is finished business. Where is there room for more fighting when the election is well under way with due process.

I see this election was determined last November--why is this still an issue on Capitol Hill? Clearly one can't see the new White House circle by this time in the history of the constitution as written. How is it that the Democrats stole the election? It was due process of the rights of its people by counting their votes. Don't votes count?

The people of the United States have spoke and Donald Trump has to listen and abide by results tallied. Things just have to be constitutional regardless out outcome for whatever party. It is in our constitution al rights to vote our man in--President Joe Biden.
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