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During Joe Biden's inauguration, three past presidents stood behind him on his new journey
There is a new council called 'The United Presidents of America' standing alongside our President Biden so to speak. Not really, but stretching the truth and imagination a bit for me. But, it is my wishful thinking. They all share the same constitutional views of our land from the beginning until now.

Standing 6 feet apart was former President's Clinton, Bush and Obama reclaiming our nation. Together holding ground that was almost lost at the Capital during the revolting riot. And too, to spare anymore bloodshed to the ideology of the resisters of a newcomer's term in office. Being disbelievers of our most cherished constitutional process of the land--voting fraud.

It is our basic rights as individuals to call a Presidential race one way or the other. Yes, it could of gone the other way for Trump's 'trumpets' or followers if you will. But, Biden had the words of wisdom that more people followed and not as much for Trump. So be it--the will of the people by the people for the people.

Most of us stand for a United Affect that Biden brings with him--more hope for more people. And, to include past President's stands on our current nation during that time of turmoil amidst our most cherished Capital. We salute the bravery of a United States--united we still stand.
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