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Rated: E · Fiction · Psychology · #2242514
Florien, a young and dashing sports person is reduced to something less than himself !
Awakened to Self Realization
Florien was shocked by what he saw in front of him! It was a blur image alright, but it was there! His vision was still distorted by the haze in his eyes. His mind was still struggling to recognize the things around him. Where was he? What had happened to him? He tried to get up, but his body ached all over. He gave up trying to anything at all!
The blur image seemed to grow in size and expand in volume, at least that's what he thought he saw. The radiance from that image continued to get intense. Heat from an unknown source slowly warmed his body and dissolved the blues in his mind. At last the chill and darkness around him seemed to be evaporating!
"This is insane! I only hope this is one of my nightmares I am going through". He desperately tried to clear his mind and wake up from that sense of induced dreadful experience!
Time seemed to have frozen on his tracks. That bright and warm image seemed to change its form and shape. It kept changing until it became something he could not imagine. He thought he saw a mirror now, but that was more than that.
It was a hologram reflection of him, his own self out there! It was as if he had gotten out of his body and looking at himself! Now, he could finally see Florien from outside of himself. It was something he was completely unaware all these years!
He tried to get up from where he was resting, this time it was a great experience. He could stand upright without collapsing all over! He walked around that hologram image, trying to make some sense out of it. Suddenly, a realization hit him like a hammer! What was that?

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