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by Mr. Z
Rated: E · Draft · Mystery · #2242516
A novel in being written and made free to the public on my website - zeidsmysteries.com
{{b}b}Fishing for Murder
by Mark Zeid
Chapter One{/b}{/b}
“He’s over here,” a voice shouted. “You two go up there and make sure he doesn’t make it up to the road.”
Wild Mike stayed still, He forced himself to calm his breathing as he listened to the rustling of the leaves and branches as the men moved through the brush. He was able to tell the movement of the men were to his left. They wanted to cut him off from the road, which suited him. He moved to his right, down closer to the water, still staying inside the tree line to avoid being spotted. He moved quietly, just as they had taught him years ago. Go a few steps, stop, listen, then move on. They repeatedly stress that during the training. Your goal is to be silent and deadly.
The sounds of the men chasing him were growing fainter, meaning they were moving away from him. Still, he had to remain calm, not run, not give away his position. Up ahead he saw a boat house. If he could make it there, maybe he could find a boat, hopefully a kayak, which would allow him to quickly and silently move through the water and escape.
It took him almost fifteen minutes to cover the three hundred yards to the boathouse. He slowly opened the door, making as little noise as possible. He slipped inside and closed the door. His eyes were adjusted to the dark, so he didn’t turn on any light to search for his escape vehicle. He didn’t want to ruin his night vision. Suddenly the lights went on. Wild Mike turned to exit, but there was a person with a pistol standing between him and the door.
“Don’t,” the figure commanded. “Don’t do it. Don’t make me shoot you.”
* * * * *
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