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by tejas
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University degrees and their importance.

Is Getting a University Degree Necessary for Success?

There is no doubt that education is one of the most important aspects of life. Its value is only going up by the day. While many people may argue that success and education go hand-in-glove and that an excellent educational status helps improve the chances of success, others also say that education is not a criterion for success.

They are not wrong, though. However, you should note that education, up to a certain level, is still required. Most people who argue that you don't need a formal education to become successful are referring to a level of education beyond high-school. And they have made their point clear by saying that you don't need a university degree to become successful.

You have many examples that support their case. The most successful of people today, including Bill Gates, have had little to no formal education. Gates already got a taste of success even before he got himself a university degree. Likewise, you will find tons of other examples with no formal education, let alone a university degree, but are thriving.

So, this proves what a lot of people have to say about education. While some education is necessary, it still doesn't define success. You might also want to think here that most of what you learn in school or college doesn't help you secure a job.

Career is becoming increasingly less relatable to the field of study. For example, let's say that you have a Masters in History. But your job is that of a Social Media Analyst. So, you are not applying what you have learned to complete demanding tasks.

All this proves that much of what you learn in school or college goes in vain. So, you don't need a university degree to become successful.

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