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Use words: banana, drive, window
I stepped on the brake, hard. The instructor beside me fell forward, held in place only by the chest harness he wore. His glare did not bode well for me getting through this. Was it my fault a squirrel decided to run out in front of the vehicle I was driving? What did he want me to do, drive over the helpless creature?
My Aunt offered her car to take the driving test, and I almost refused the offer. I rode in this overripe banana colored bucket of bolts before. Only the front passenger side window worked. I took a shaky breath in through my nose and blew it out through my mouth.
All I had to do was drive down the street, execute a three-point turn between very deep ditches and get back to the Highway Patrol station, where I started. I reached the three-point turn spot, turned the wheel, and headed to the left-hand ditch. Don't drive into the ditch. I pushed firmly on the break. Aunt Rosa's car had squishy breaks. I put the car into reverse, checked both side mirrors and the rearview. I turned the wheel and backed up slowly. It was good I was on a dirt road with no other traffic. Again I repeated my mantra: Don't drive into the ditch.
Ten minutes later we pulled into the HP parking lot. The instructor shook his head and said, "You passed young lady, but I would go home and practice."
"Yes sir, I will, I promise," I said to his back as he got out of the car. I blew out a breath and rested my head back on the headrest. "I'd done it. Go me."
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