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A husband tells his wife a secret that will lead to some changes in their lives.


“Helena. Helena, wake up.”

“What? Huh?”

“Helena. Helena. Wake up, honey. I can’t sleep.”

“Huh? Dan? Dan, sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“Helena, there’s something that’s been bothering me ever since the day that we got married.”

“Dan? What’s so important that you have to confess that can’t wait until morning?

“No, Helena, it can’t wait until tomorrow. I need to tell you this now.”

“Okay then what you have to confess?”

“I was thinking when we got married, how much I wanted to change for the better. Now here we are. I’m a lawyer with three beautiful children. But now, there’s going to be some major changes that you might not like.”

“Dan, what are you getting at? Is this some kind of last minute New Year’s Resolution or, what are they calling it now, New Year’s Goals? And why does it involve our family?”

“Helena, I was thinking about my happiness lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t live here in this house with you and the kids. And I’m not happy with my job either. In fact the day before New Year’s Eve, I told my boss that I was giving my two weeks and then my uncle wanted me to work for him in America.”

“You resigned at a high-paying law firm, so we can fly to the states in order for you to clean up after drunken so-called musicians at your favorite uncle’s music rehearsal studio?”

“You got that right, except for one thing.”

“Really, and what’s that? You sold the house and divorcing me?”

“Oh my God, how do you know that?”


“Helena, I was going to tell you when the kids go back to school. I swear. For the past ten years I’ve been so miserable being married to someone who I was never into in the first place.”

“You mean…, you don’t love me anymore?”

“Oh, God, no. I love you very much. It’s just that I’m not in love with you at all.”

“Then who is he?”

“If you must know that part, then I’ll tell you. But you’re not going to like it. He’s our nanny.”

“You mean our male nanny?”

“Yes, Helena, our male nanny, and he’s coming to the states with me. Oh Helena, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh Dan, what am I going to do? What are we going to tell the kids?”

“Okay, I’ll pack a few things, I’ll knock on his door, and we’ll leave.”

“Listen, Helena my dear. I’ll go downstairs to Dean’s room, and you can have the whole bedroom to yourself. Unless, you want us to pack and leave, I’ll text him.”

“Yeah, why don’t you text Dean and get a hotel room somewhere.”

“Helena, I’m sorry.”

“Happy Bloody New Year, you bastard.”

Word Count: 467
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