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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2242629
From the fire you were born, into fire you shall return
A circle of eyes surround the fire
Silently watching the flames
Embers shoot out like fireworks
They spark momentarily before dissipating
Into the air, becoming black ash.
Like dark snowflakes
They line the ground
Outside the fire and within it's core.

Smoke tendrils swirl together gently
They become images
- - -
The darkness illuminates the shapes formed
By the tips of the firelight.
It's so hot it burns away the flesh
The pain
The darkness held within.

The pictures above try to spell something out, but
It's always on the edge of slipping away
Into uncertainty.
Like a ghost, it passes me by
I feel the burning cold.
A gentle caress to let me know
I am never alone.

I sit and watch it all burn in silence.
With all the eyes of the world upon me.
I watch it all slip away
A hole opens up beneath me
Swallows me whole.

Falling into a pit of nothingness,
But still I am calm.
Falling to my doom
Marching towards my death.
I can't stop it
I don't know how
I can reach out,
But there's nothing to grasp

I'm all alone.
Not even a shadow
In the pure darkness now.
I sit on the stone cold floor and ponder in silence.
I long for the fire.
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