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Idea to success and everything in between
The 20 floor building rose quickly next to the Pearson’s office, exceeding it by 10 floors. Mr Smith stood on the terrace looking around the city, looking down at the Pearson’s and smiled slowly. It was the smile of a triumph, his triumph over the city over Pearson , over every one who had laughed, ridiculed and made him feel that he would never achieve anything in his life.

“Sir, if you could just give me 5 minutes of your time” Smith held his idea, his work, his passion in his hands and begged Mr Pearson, the biggest venture capitalist in the city, for some attention.
“Boy, you are persistent,” Pearson smiled as he bumped into Smith for the sixth time in 3 days waiting in the lobby.
“Sir please, am sure you will like this idea, it’s a game changer”
Pearson turned to his assistant, a tall man with a perfect suit and a smug smile on his face “ Have we not heard of that before, Joe?”
“We have to meet the lawyers in half an hour sir, we don’t have time for this” Joe replied, holding the door of the building open for Mr Pearson.
“Drop the file at the Reception, we will get back to you” Pearson had said with a smile getting into his car, leaving Smith waiting forever for his reply.

The dejected walk from Pearson’s office to the nearest bar was the slowest walk he had ever taken, but was the luckiest one as he bumped into another equally passionate dreamer as himself. Together they had turned his idea into the fastest growing business in the country, and today Smith was inaugurating his office right next to the Pearson’s and had sent over an invite to Pearson reading “Thanks for not making time for me”.

Word count : 300
Written for
Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
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