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Sisters are heading home.
No Time

“We don’t have time for this!”

Paulina kept walking. Medira was huffing and puffing to catch up. But she managed to repeat what she said, over and over.

“I don’t care, this was my favorite of all the places we’re lived and I want to visit my favorite spots again.”

Medira sighed and kept following behind her. When Paulina stopped, she slammed into her.

“What’s here that’s so special?” she said rubbing her forehead.

“This is the place we went swimming for the first time, remember?”

Medira shook her head.

“You swam, but I sank like a stone!”

“That cute lifeguard saved you!”

Medira smiled at the memory. Paulina kept walking. She stopped at a takeout called Fast Eddie’s.

“Don’t you love the pogoes and poutine here?”

Medira looked at her watch while she nodded yes and salivated.

“We’re going to miss our ride, it’ll be there any minute.”

Paulina waved a hand airily.

“We’ve got lots of time, Med. I just want to visit one more place, please!”

Medira said nothing as Paulina led the way.

“The bowling alley/roller rink/ billiards hall? What is so memorable about it?”

“We always had so much fun here, right?”

“Well, you did! I sometimes felt like a third wheel.”

Paulina looked at Medira in shock.

“I didn’t know, you should have said something!”

“And spoil your fun, not me!”

The sisters hugged and headed to a platform of the docking station to catch their ride. To their dismay, they watched as it took off without them, moving instantly into hyper-drive and disappearing into the void of space.

“That was our last chance to go home!” wailed Paulina.

“Good, who wants to leave any way?” Medina said emphatically as she linked arms with her twin and headed back to Fast Eddie’s

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