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It was a beautiful Friday morning, sun shining, birds singing, an excellent day to go for a hike. Taking my trusted friend Mikey my german shepherd, I pack the car, and we head out to the trail.
Within seconds of arriving, Mikey starts to whin and jump from side to side in the backseat.
“It’s okay, buddy, we’re almost there.
I quickly find a parking spot near the trail entrance and let Mikey out before he destroyed the car.
Within seconds he is gone into the forest.
“Mikey! Mikey, come on, we don’t have time for this.
After a few minutes without seeing or hearing anything, I go into panic mode.
I start making my way into the forest, where he disappeared.
“Where did you go, Mikey?”
Suddenly, I hear barking and see Mikey coming my way. With Mikey beside me, I notice he is full of dirt and blood.
“What happened to you?”
That’s when I heard the footsteps approaching. Looking up, all I see is brown fur with a large head.
“Bear!” I scream, falling backward.
All I can hear is Mikey’s barking and the bear growling as everything goes black.
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