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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2242713
Something questionable is afoot, but not at The Writer's Cramp comp. Jan 26, 2021
The neighbours were obsessed with house number 19
In their quiet, leafy street, there was something unseen
They had no proof, this much was true,
though stories are spreading, but shh
that's just between me and you.

There are quite a few others with something to say,
But this didn't come from my mouth... remember, I pray.
They say 'twas the barber who heard it all first,
And when he went to the pub to quench his thirst,
Who was there but the florist, Flora La Fleur,
And Kutsy (from Ken's Kutz on Kavendish)
couldn't resist sharing it with her.

The dentist would ensure Flora's mouth was otherwise occupied,
so she shared the story with the receptionist, Winnifride.
Winni could barely wait until 'knock-off' time,
To hurry home and share it with hubby, AND a glass of wine.
"Here's a story I've heard today," she said,
"Better than any Mills and Boon that I've read.
To think this is happening at the end of our street,
when here at number 49, we're so clean and so sweet."

Hubby raised his glass, and one shaggy eyebrow,
"Something strange in OUR street? Quick, tell me now."
"It was Gladys Gurrfoops from number 20,
a modest little lady, with graces a'plenty.
She just happenstanced to glance from behind her curtains,
and though near-dusk she was not tinily uncertain,
she'd caught across-the-road neighbour, Mrs. F. Loosie,
in near-flagrante delicto, turning on her jacuzzi.

Gladys noted with interest and a flush to her face,
gone the usual torn denims… now slinky black lace!
Were there tall black leather boots? Gladys couldn't truly say,
patio fence blocked her view, but she couldn't say 'nay'".

Hubby frowned. "I thought the Mr. was away for the week?"
"Hmm… that's the whole point. Interest raised to a peak,
Gladys staggered back before she fell to the floor,
Despite near-apoplexy, managing to gasp,
'nudge-nudge, wink-wink… say no more!'"

(37 lines)
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