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I was curious how the ride on the plane went...(265 wds)
         He watched from the window as the plane lifted off, the ground becoming miniscule as they sped into the air. The beast of a vehicle shook violently, the air hissing through the craft. The comfortable smirk, one of only three facial expressions he could ever remember assuming position on his face, prevailed as he reflected upon the departure he had thrown himself, contemplated his accomplishments and the completion of his duties. He deigned to toss a look to the opposite side of the plane, watching as she stared out of the sunny side. He felt the warmth of having conquered the world.
         "Well, that's done," he said to her, his gaze fixed on the light filtering in through the window, backlighting her figure and causing an auburn halo around her face.
         "Yes," she replied from the other side of the plane. She turned to look at him for her usual three seconds and flashing the smile he liked at him, one of only two facial expressions she could ever remember assuming position on her face. The sunlight filtered in from the other side of the plane, spotlighting the darkness behind the facade of his skin.
          She turned back to the window to watch the ground fade away beneath them. Her hand was in her custom-made leather Dior bag, her fingers running back and forth over the surface of an envelope holding the most important documents relevant to her life, stabbing her index finger with the stout, sharp corner of the envelope. She felt the coldness of having conquered the world.

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