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A cat wants to get bigger in size. She would get her wish, but not the way she'd expect~
(Warning: This story contains body inflation. Read at your own risk!)

Once upon a time, a shortstack black cat named Kalli yearned to be bigger size wize. Being the short cat she is, made it pretty difficult to do certain tasks people at around the average height would do. Even driving made it an embarrassment, as she would use a booster to look where she was going. People would even use her as an arm rest, which alone would be enough to ruin her mood.
One day, while on the internet, she came across a certain ad. An ad about... changing her size? She thought that it was too good to be true, as technology hasn't even evolved yet to change people's sizes. But, curiosity killed the cat... or in this case, blew her up, as she clicked on it, and the first thing she saw, was a helium tank.
"Huh? A helium tank? That doesn't even look like it can change people's sizes at all...!"
But as she said that, a woman came up to the tank, and examined it. She then took two hoses and put one in her mouth, and butt. She then turned on the tank, and holy mackerel, not only did she grow in size, but so did her boobs and butt! The product was then revealed to be "SizeMorpher 2000! Only $69.99!"
To Kalli's amusement, it was enough to catch her eye, and went to the official website. She bought it in large quantity, since she wants to go big! If only the naïve cat knew... She would get her wish, just... not in the way she'd expect.
The next day, while eating her breakfast, she got a knock on the door. "Huh? Who could that be?" She opened the door and surprise! The SizeMorpher was here! And it was big too~ Enough for her to become big! She quickly took the SizeMorpher and went to her room.
Kalli then went to unbox 2 hoses, an instruction manual, which she decided to toss away because, and quote, she can function a helium tank by herself. And of course, the tank itself came out. Immediately, Kalli took the two hoses, then shoved one in her mouth, then shoved the other in her butt, which made her moan from how forceful the shove was.
"Ooh~ That tickled..~" said Kalli. "Okay, the era of short Kalli is now over~! From now on, I shall be tall!"

She then turn on the tank and to her surprise, just like in the commercial, she was growing bigger! And so was her breasts and buns! "Mmm... Ahh.. Ooh..~" Kalli moaned sensually as she inflated. But the kitty decided it wasn't enough, she wanted more! Her breasts and butt continued to inflate along with her size. But, she probably should've read the instruction manual, because one rule states "Don't overdo the size changing! You'll eventually will get bigger, but moreso in balloon form.."
About half a minute later, Kalli felt full, all of a sudden, granted she just ate breakfast, but somehow she could feel like something was getting bigger with her...

"Hmmm.. I feel.. full.. is this a supposed side effect with this or...?" She patted on her belly and she noticed her belly was a lot more softer than usual. And a lot more round. This was when she noticed that she was actually becoming a balloon! Or a blimp!
"Oh no! T-They never showed this in the commercial! I thought I was supposed to get bigger, not get bigger while looking 8 months pregnant!" She went to the tank to turn it off, but she got so big her hands almost engulfed the tank. She accidentally broke the valve, which unfortunately for her, karma would ensure. "Oh no..."

Her inflation went a lot more faster, eventually she was going to get bigger in size, but moreso like in balloon form! She tried to get the hosed out of her mouth and booty, but she slowly but surely started to become too big to move her limbs. Speaking of, her arms and hands swelled up with air, along with her legs and feet, even her tail was starting to look like a big balloon! Her speech ended up getting all muffled, and eventually she would be too big for her room, as it started to collapse!
Eventually, unfortunately for Kalli, this would grab the attention of everyone in her neighborhood. They started looking at her, some reactions being different than others. Some thinking it was some street performance, some assuming it's just some fetish and either having a distaste for it, or... enjoying it. And some people were actually filming it, which didn't help at all.
Because Kalli was none more than a helpless blimp, all she could do was whimper and pray she doesn't pop. While almost barely reaching her popping point though... The tank stopped. She was no longer inflating, and now she no longer had to worry about the horrors of bursting. She did, however, worry that her dignity was now gone, because now she was a giant blimp for everyone to see, and humiliate her. The least she can do is hope for someone to deflate her, and fast.

Moral of the story? Read the instruction manual, it'll save you the embarrassment!
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