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Sleeping Beauty reimagined
Luna yawned. She was tired. It was odd since she knew she was sleeping. Her dreams had gone on for so long that she had run out of new things to dream about. It had been so long since she had experienced reality that she couldn't rightly remember what colors the sky should be. For some reason, sky-blue-pink seemed right.

The giant butterfly had asked her a question, but she had missed it. "Turnip," is the answer she gave. Usually, it didn't matter one wit what she said.

"Excuse me?" The now tiny butterfly sputtered.


"You haven't been listening! I told you to wake up Princess!" The butterfly said with the lips of a man. Those lips covered hers and blew air into her lungs. What kind of butterfly got fresh with a princess like that.

She felt compression on her chest, three quick jabs. Then the lips returned, blowing in more air. Luna blinked as the reality around swirled like a muddy painting into the red haze behind her eyelids.

She coughed and sputtered, breathing again for the first time in ages. The man still leaned over her. His eyes were icy blue and Luna nearly drowned in them.

"True love's kiss, works every time!" Luna's fairy godmother chirped.

"It's called CPR, lady!" The man snapped at the fairy. "Will you tell me where I am now? Or should I ask when?" The man growled. He wore a simple buttonless shirt with short sleeves in bright springy green. His trousers had a strange metallic closure in the front and appeared to be made from a richly indigo-dyed canvas.

"You are in the Kingdom of Andrew the Confused. You have just awoken the princess Luna from her accursed slumber," Luna's fairy godmother Alyssa stated.

The man jumped to his feet, "Whoa! Which way back to Jersey?"

Alyssa crossed her arms, "I'm terribly sorry. I don't know where that is. My magic pulled you here across space and time because you were destined to marry princess Luna!"

Luna eyed the man with a fresh interest. His hair was long and hay-colored. His chin was strong and well-chiseled. All in all, he was a rather attractive prince. She held out her hand to him. He looked at it blankly. "You may kiss it."

"And all yous can kiss my ass if you think I am marrying anybody! Check your destiny detector, I think it blew a fuse!"

Luna smiled and nodded. She had resisted destiny and yet she still managed to fall under the eternal sleep spell. She realized she would have to wear down his resistance, but he was now her fiance whether he knew it or not.

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