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Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2242780
How can we access memories from a life?
The name and title on the office door read "Dr. Lenard Johnson - Medical Director - Memory Care Unit". Steven gathered his thoughts before knocking and entering.

"Dr. Johnson, is there anything you can suggest that might help my Dad, George, to have a more positive outlook?" Steven asked.

"We've found that pictures from good times, paired with music from those times, can often be effective," Dr. Johnson replied. "Could you find anything like that?"

"Dad took a lot of pictures, and loved popular songs," Steven said. "He always saved stuff on his laptop. He'd say 'it won't get lost that way'".

On his next visit, Steven brought the old laptop along.

"Hi George, how are you doing?"

"Oh, ah... " George replied, "Ok I guess."

"I brought your old laptop. There are a lot of great pictures and music on it that you might enjoy," Steve said as he setup the laptop. "Now to access it. What's the password?"

"Password? I don't know."

"No big deal. We'll just figure it out," Steven said, "you always said that passwords should have a special meaning."

"Let's start with 'Steven'. Ring any bells?"

"I don't know any Steven."

"I'm Steven Dad," he whispered. "Let's try some more."

The same results with Steven's brother Richard, and sister Mary. No reaction to the grand kids. George was getting tired, so they called it a day.

Steven came with a list on his next visit. His Dad's home town, graduating from college, and time in the army, but no luck. Then....

"How about Helen?"

"Helen? Helen? She was my lovely wife, but she's no longer with us."

"What was your wedding day?" Steven asked.

"05/14/1952", was the quick reply.

Bingo! That memory stuck.

There were pictures and songs to light up the room for many visits.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2242780-Searching-For-The-Path-Down-Memory-Lane