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by Null
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Scientific · #2242783
When a pervert possesses his crush, what could go wrong?
My name is Paul, not that it matters, at least not for long. I've always been an outcast, a weird kid, I guess you'd say. I've been told I look like melting ice cream on a good day, so I guess most people don't think I'm too good looking, so obviously the only girls I interact with usually aren't real ones. I've become somewhat of a porn addict, sometimes I feel bad, but my fetishes and masturbating make me feel better, so yes I indulge myself quite often, at least a few times a day.

Sometimes, I'll fantasize about some of the girls in my school, and just the thought of them wanting me, or doing things they never would with their pretty bodies, turns me on an insane amount. There's this one girl I have my eye on, I don't know what it is, she's not even the typical "superhot" girl of the class, but I just keep thinking about her when I'm fantasizing, the thought of seeing her skinny body naked, her being a slave with only sex on her mind, instead of the bubbly athlete she is. I'm sure she's never been with a guy, maybe even never touched herself, and that thought makes her even hotter to me.

Her name is Mia, and I am so jealous of her body and her life. One night, something interesting happened while I was getting off to her, I kept thinking about her so much, until suddenly I was seeing myself from above. I was outside my body, and I felt an almost magnetic pull somewhere else, so I effortlessly floated, even through the walls of my own house into my town, flying around until I felt I was where I should be. I went in this new house that I've never seen, into a bedroom, super pretty and flowery, when Mia walks in.

I immediately get a little concerned that she'll me, but it looks like I'm invisible to her, she's walking around with absolutely no idea I'm here with her. Oh man, she looks so cute and innocent, it's killing me, she's got her long dark hair tied up in a nice ponytail with an adorable yellow bow, a sweet green sweater you'd see on a 40 year old, some black tights that hug her long, lean legs and tight little ass so well, and white sneakers that unfortunately cover up her pretty feet!

I feel an urge to go up to her, so I go grab her on the shoulder, and then my arm falls into hers, what the heck? Now, I feel like I have her tiny little arm instead of my own, Mia seems freaked out as well. "Why can't I move my arm?" I smile, and realizing what happened, begin to move "my" new arm up to my face, and move all my soft new fingers around. "I didn't do that..." I immediately grab her right tit and squeeze hard, I never thought I'd get to touch these! Mia, uses her other hand to grab the one I control, "Ok what the fuck is happening? I didn't just start touching my boob, I don't understand!" I immediately take over her other arm, and then start full on groping Mia all over, who knows if this is all I get, I'm taking advantage of every second I get to touch her soft, tiny, pretty body. "Oh my god, ew, this is gross, this isn't me!" I love hearing her fight, she's trying to walk out of her bedroom, so I jump my legs into hers.

Controlling these legs may be the best part, they're what she works on the most, they're soft and smooth, but also secretly muscular from running so much. I immediately run back over to her mirror, so I can get a good look at her face, and obviously the rest of her body, "I didn't walk over here, I don't get what's going on, am I crazy?" I then thrust my crotch and torso into hers, and immediately feel what it's like to have all the fun parts of Mia's body, my tight, perky ass, cute little tits, and my new pussy, that feels instantly wet from all of my groping. Well, she can control her face and nothing else, so I think maybe it's time to reenact one of my fantasies...
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