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Many young girls with emotional problems were band groupies, she was only one.
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

An uncertain woman child reaching for a shiny object.
No idea what it might do, an impulse, forbidden fruit.
Part of her genetic makeup, a congenital defect?
She hangs back, plans, plunges in, plays cute.

Natural charm or craving for love?
A bee drawn to honey, swarming, looking for “It”
What is “it”? An emptiness she feels deprived of.
A Daisy Buchanan, needs attention, all she can get.

She would catch his eye, that’s all it took.
Born with a natural ability to flirt, act hurt.
This guy didn’t stand a chance, a fish on a hook.
She didn’t mean to be cruel, play a bit, then overlook.

A stage curtain comes up, audience fills.
Perfect place to play her part, all eyes watch aglow.
But is this creature really her? Can she blame pretty pills?
A strip tease and bottle tricks, quite a show.

There is a certain kind of person in our world.
That can’t find self love, they prey upon others.
Major changes, in a blink of an eye, disaster unfurled.
One damaged soul clings to or devours another.

By Kathie Stehr
Jan. 27, 2021
20 lines

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