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Wrote for my husband Jonathan. A poem of promise.

I wish I had more to offer you then just a wounded heart, a wondering soul, and a simple promise.
But, you see these are the only things left of me.
I can only hope that they are enough.
If you truly think it, a Promise is a lot like a secret.
Secrets are meant to be cherished and guarded.
But also, and most importantly, they are mean to be Kept.
I’ll start by saying that I won’t promise you that tomorrow will be beautiful,
Or that hard times won’t sometimes find us,
We know they will.
But wh about at I can say is this:
My wounded heart is full of love,
And let’s face it our wondering souls have wondered into each other’s lives for a reason.
I am in hopes that you too Believe,
As I do,
That we are simply meant to be.
And also this,
I promise to love you with everything I have until Forever Ends or until the end of my days,
Whichever comes first.
I promise to always give you the honesty and respect that you deserve.
I promise to always make you smile and remind you of just how truly Amazing you really are.
Every-Single day.
I promise to always love you for you and not try to change who you are.
You are perfectly imperfect for me.
I also promise to always stand beside you good, bad, or indifferent.
And most importantly,
I promise to always Believe in Us.


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