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I think the title speaks for itself. Take a moment to relax and benefit yourself here.
We make what we will of life. Sometimes, there is no definite answer for us. We all seek our own sort of dreams that shape us for the worse or better. To come along on the journey of forever peace and virtue would to throw away who we are. Primal creatures that will kill, hunt, hurt and wound anything of which we do not understand. We aren't monsters, but a dominating species. We are not forsaken, it's just the people we let lead us are throwing us to the wolves. Wolves of the powerful people we let take control. To think that they were once very small, unintelligent children and making more if not the same mistakes as us is extraordinary. Humanity has not gone down hill, I believe. We just seek answers and get answered by cruel, animalistic and desirable people that harness negativity. Experience your own life. Take a moment to step back from your devices and realise. We are in the perfect spot between so much. The sun is perfectly far away enough so that life could be created, five digits on our hands after years of evolution, the fact we can achieve so much with our brains and think of so many grammatical and logical idea's- yet we still make mistakes. We live on a crumbling mass and worry that our own invention is causing children to be violent. We created the very aspect that would evolve us further, just to say we don't want it anymore and it is plaguing our kids. Take a moment to experience yourself, and step back from worries that are not within your reach. You earned it and deserve it.
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