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Who's the fairest of them all?
Do I look familiar?
I get that a lot

It’s glaringly obvious
They all admire me
The way I shine and
Echo their emotions
Show them their cracks

I am especially popular
With the ladies

They stare at me for hours
Who taught them their
Manners, anyway?

And sometimes
They kiss me and leave me
Smothered in red lipstick
Don’t they know they're kissing
Countless others
Who do the same?

When they see a flaw
They will frown, sigh
Then poke at it
Try to make it disappear

Sorry, honey
I can’t give you Beyonce’s butt
Angelina’s lips
Or Cameron’s abs

But I can give you
Narcissus' curse
Or Hera's insecurities

I wish I were a rear view
What I wouldn’t give to live in a world
Larger than it appears

I’m actual size
And I live in a bathroom

I see things I shouldn’t
I’m fragile, after all
Just a sheet of glass

But I have witnessed things
That would break most:

Crimes, chemicals
Diseases exposed
Lovers and lives
Coming and going

No one wants to look
But they always do

Don’t blame me
I can’t show you anything
But the truth
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