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Making something wonderful to sink your senses into.
A Literary Confection

A writer starts with a cup of unique concept.

One with a twist from a library of imagination.

A setting with tablespoons of vivid descriptions,

fill to the top with distinctive narrations.

A sprinkling of characters, seasonal flavorings.

Hot pepper for a monster or brass balls for a king.

Sugar spun icing, a sweet cherry virgin queen.

Vanilla rose berries, best friend, surprise theme.

Mix it together, add vintage scenery, spicy plot.

Dramatic suspense, whipped with sexy love spots.

Dialogue loaded with honey and hot sauce.

Simmer over low flames, add a burst of gunshot.

Take a taste, you must add culinary magic,

Toss with a murder victim, bloody and handsome.

A mystery from the past climbs in the stew.

We are almost there, more ingredients are due.

Literary cuisine is the newest trend on the scene

Now a delicious fruit filled crust, liquor and romance.

Pinch of tragic meringue, lustful surrender, succulent cream.

Hungry? A fire, candles, surprise ending plus luscious dreams.

By Kathie Stehr

20 lines
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