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by Hank
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2242992
This poem talks about one of the most beautiful women I've met
I have been around the world more than once,
I have been to places only seen in dreams,
I have met the most beautiful women one can know,
But never have I known a love so deep.

I have seen wars that never scared me,
I have faced monsters that have no name,
I have been brave for most of my years,
But when you took my hand, you took away my strength.

I wanted the whole world or nothing,
I wanted something bigger than life!
And in your eyes I have found every meaning
To make my world bigger than life!

I feared you, then I hated you!
I wished impossible things to happen,
I got drunk with you, and then I loved you!
And then in my heart, the strangest thing happened…

Love came like a hurricane!
It was 4 am and I was drunk!
You appeared like an angel with no name…
I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t that strong!

You destroyed everything around,
Then you took my heart in your hands,
With a kiss you turned it upside down,
And until now, your name rolls across it, and I love the taste…

You can face dragons from unknown worlds,
You can go to hell if that’s what you want,
I’ll be there for you, because I love no others,
And in the darkest nights, you’ll never walk alone.

For years I feared what I couldn’t see,
Then you came and showed me my true self.
Protect me from what’s inside of me,
And I’ll protect you from everything else…
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