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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Finance · #2243031
A poem loosely about the latest stock market kerfuffle.

The mists of Revel gipe and furl
O're planels slick with meer
As reapsome armies flex their sirl
Till Robel hordes appear.

For langish moments, all are kosh
None frescome for the fight
Then BANG, the losty battlecrosh
sets tindersome alight.

Caught by surprise, the reapsome sway,
the Robel waves descend
Engorged with retchious memeisay
Their duklepats they rend.

"What odes we'll tell of Revel rent!
What pipesome songs we'll sing."
Their victory seems duklelent
The reapsome take to wing.

But 'ware the Revel odes forseen
When battlecrosh still blare
As reapsome armies stage their kreen
On Robel hordes laid bare.
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