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A chance presented. Two chances denied.

I was so close.

I shouldn't have taken the girl. I know that now.

In my defense, there are precious few opportunities to advance when you exist as I do. I am a dark muse, and an ambitious one. I was a second plane dweller in the Circle of Lust and I am a lesser soul. Under direction from the venerable Melpomene and by order of Queen Maab herself, I brought dreams to sleeping mortals. As they slept, I delivered thoughts shameful and angry, guilty and sad.

No, I didn't bring them with me, for I had to travel lightly--instead, I harvested what was already there. Gathered them and placed them upon the foreheads of my charges. What came of them was not mine to know. I told myself they were lessons, but they could just as well have been torments.

All of this aside, there were recently a number of souls admitted to the Guf. This meant that there was rare opportunity to move closer to limbo and, beyond that, life!

As I said, I am ambitious. I had done my time in the more ignoble planes. From Wrath and Sloth, the fifth plane, I had clawed my way up to what had been my current perch. From there, I could sense the light. My heart so longed for another chance! I ached at the prospect.

And that is why I took her.

I took her essence with me in the night. She had done nothing. It had been my intention to punish her father. Her ungrateful father. To punish him for having neglected and destroyed his marriage...his family. Their lives! Debauchery. Adultery. Selfishness on every front! To my eyes, he deserved the blackest of fates, and to look upon his comatose little daughter would be a knife in his heart.

I didn't know.

Her soul is now trapped in the First Circle and mine demoted to the Sixth, that of Heresy, as a consequence. I had been so close to the light. I could sense it.

Though mine is crushed, my heart longs for that baby girl's soul, that she be returned before her physical form expires. I have robbed her of her chance in order to make an impression. I can only hope my remorse will speed her home again.

I was so close.

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