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Since I was in my forties (now 74), I adopted the attitude and belief that I should live until Jan 2, 2100. I would achieve

153 years 9 months 6 days

Since I was born March 28, 1946 and I plan to live until at least January 2, 2100.
As of January 2020 I have lived in parts of two millennium, two centuries, and nine decades. To achieve my goals I will have lived in parts of two millennium, three centuries, and seventeen decades.

Now I expect to live this long life healthy, happy & still enjoying sex. My gravestone will read Mar 1946 – Jan 2100. This will do two things for me.

1. Astound readers of my gravestone or marker
2. Allow me to confound the Canadian Bureaucrats when they try to take away my pensions when I am 110 - 130 years plus because no one lives that long. (Laughing out loud). This alone makes me want to achieve my goal. Grin!!

Now I realise in doing this it will cause me great pain. I know I will probably lose many of the people I love and cherish. I know I will have to adapt to unbelievable technological changes that we cannot even imagine right now.

That is really okay. When I was young television, transistors, space flight, lasers, computers, and much more were all science fiction. Yet today they are real. I embrace the future!

My biggest worry is that after 110 or more years my idea of cute ladies will be those 100 years old or more. But I will have extra practice sweet talking them. Pretty scary as I sit here approaching 75 years old.

So, you say I am being ridiculous, I say no! Set a goal in life and strive for it. Never let anyone sway your belief or actions.

Some thirty plus years ago a told my family doctor about this goal. He was at that point very experienced and much older than me. He had numerous patients who were seniors. He did not laugh as I expected, but told me his patients who had optimistic life goals tended to live much longer than those who did not. “With evolving technology and increasing medical knowledge you just may make it” he said “Good Luck”

Will I achieve this goal? Who knows! If I don’t make it, I want my children to fake my death date on my gravestone or marker to confound future generations. Especially those who are alive after 2100.

I have learned that life needs humour, goals, & mystery. Let those future generations have something to question, query, and ponder over.
It will be my last laugh. Can you conceive a better long lasting "Prank"? Rarely in the history of Man has this been done.

I do love laughter and humour. Wish me luck!
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