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The Writer's Cramp 1/30/21 W/C 562

Princess Cat

My name is Princess. I am a nineteen-year-old gray cat with long hair. This last week I went on a journey. I went to the planet Saffron. Ever heard of it? No? Few have, it’s not a well-known destination.

The cat world has an outpost there. Only a few from Earth are allowed to visit. The selection process is simple. You have to survive to your sixteenth year. Then your name is entered into a drawing. I’d been waiting three years for the privilege of going to Saffron.

When I arrived on the orange planet, Buddy and Orion met me. Buddy is from Michigan and Orion comes from England. They took me on a tour, showed me the sights.

There is a cat tower as tall as the tallest tree on Earth. With the aid of lower gravity, I was able to climb it easily. Then they showed me the Magic Box. Someone on Saffron invented a litter box that never needed emptying. It gave a feline freedom like never before. If only I could take this home. Nevermore would I hear the whining and complaining when I did my duty. I could easily mess about the house, but I bow to the sensibilities of the human race. There was also a most excellent cat cave spun from the lightest silk and hair. Once my old paws set foot inside, I never wanted to leave. I would have been content to curl up in a big fur ball and live on Saffron forever. The years I have left could be spent here in peace and comfort.

“It’s time to go, Princess. Your time here is up.” The great leader named Gebhardt approached me one day. He is a sleek cat, big, black and white. The type they call a tuxedo.

I knew this day would come. Time to go home to Earth. I wasn’t ready, but I had to leave.

“Very good, Gebhart. When do I leave?” I sat at his feet, my tail slowly swished back and forth.

“Your transport leaves tonight. Be sure you are wearing that transport collar.”

Gebhart trotted down the trail. He held his tail high, proud, but it had a small bend at the top. A tiny crook. I found that amusing. He wasn’t so perfect after all.

“Where have you been Princess?” Geri petted me as I laid beside her. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I was so scared you were lost forever. You’re my wonderful Princess. I love you.” She covered me with her favorite little blanket.

“Where’d you get this collar?” Geri tugged at the transport collar. It is yellow with the purple jeweled transport radio. “It’s beautiful.” She took it from around my neck, put it on her favorite doll.

I purred and stretched out beside my favorite little girl. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to spend my last days here on Earth. Humans aren’t so bad, once you get used to them. But I’ll see about getting put back on the list for Saffron again. Maybe there’s a cancellation list. Maybe Geri can come with me. Maybe she’d like to stay with all those cats on Saffron. So many maybes.

But I’m too tired to do anything right now. I curled up next to Geri, then drifted off to sleep for the last time.

W/C 562

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