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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2243088
Love can make a lazy but talented boy to make his way to the top in entertainment industry
The Girl I met at the edge of a cliff
-Dark Fox

Chapter: 1
Starting Point

‘Journey of life is very long road,
You were and have to be all alone.
Many will come and many would go,
Many will took you from and many throw you
On that lonely road on your own.
Everyone has its own colors though.
You are nothing but life’s lonely pawn,
Until someone comes to rescue you,
Only for you.’

“Is it easy to live a life aimlessly”, that I may wonder. I am Susane travelling to a place nearest to my heart, which I would like to tell you later. Alex was my best friend and this whole messed up story is about him. He was the only one I knew who hadn’t set any goals in his whole life, his nature was like stray cat roaming here and there without any worry.
It was 16th March, 2016 when it all started. We were at our home while it was still chilly outside that afternoonit was nearly spring time when new flowers were just about to bloom and fill our hearts with a lovely scent. We both were in the hot table comforting ourselves, while Alex lay on the ground with his legs under the table munching wafers and playing on his newly bought X-Box while I was preparing my school work.
‘Can you pass some wafer packets lying next to you? I am kind of busy here’ Alex made a request that seemed very annoying to me while running his fingers on the controller.
I was so busy in my work that I didn’t bother to reply but he kept on whining till I busted in anger ‘And what might be keeping you busy. I am trying to do my work peacefully so let me do it, we have to submit it tomorrow. By the way why aren’t you doing it?’ I knew it very well that Alex didn’t believed in doing these stuff or rather anything. He was the laziest character in my life. Then I threw some packets at him.
It was nearly time for each high school to pick their singers for an inter high school competition called ‘The Grand Note’ where every school send their best singers to compete for the fame of the school. Winning school always attract most of the aspiring singers.
This was something very intense where no one can imagine Alex to be in, but he won it last year. Yes you read that right he had won the competition once and was not willing to take part in for same reason he believed that it was no fun to repeat things on and on. I asked Alex many time that ‘Isn’t it time for you to start preparing for the selection.’ And he kept saying same thing over and over.
It was that day when it all started, when I was 10 years old when I saw a little figure hiding behind someone. At that day my father introduced me to Mr. Jane and his family in a small party hosted by my father. Mr. Jane was a nice man with brown hairs and pure black colored eyes greeting me with a big smile ‘Hello miss Susane Crussane. How are you doing?’ I greeted him and his family, but that figure was still hiding behind Mrs. Jane then she introduce him as Alex he was a cute boy with ash grey hairs as Mrs. Jane and with blue eyes. I instantly fall for him that day it was like love at first sight. As the days passed I started visiting their house regularly played with Alex for whole day and I even stay with Alex in his music lessons by his mom and nobody was annoyed by me staying there for whole day and every day they loved me as they loved Alex. Alex and I enrolled for same elementary school I enhanced in my studies while Alex stayed an average student but his singing skills made his one of the famous students in school.
In school we meet two children Ronaldo and Christine,they both were elites in their respective fields. Ronaldo was an eminent writer and Christine was a good cook.They both tend to pursue their own dreams. Ronaldo wanted to get a film and an anime for one of his novels and Cristina wanted to learn more about different-different types of flavor on earth especially in India a country of insignias, and vast land filled with religions.
‘Aren’t we forgetting something important?’ Alex said that scratching his forehead.
We were to meet Ronaldo and Cristina at that evening to discuss about the arrangement we had to do in the school’s annual summer festival. Ronaldo and I both were in student council committee and we were to meet at Cristina’s house as she was helping us to think about the theme and Alex was just tagging along as he loved the pork Cristina’s father made, he was a chef.
‘Oh! It’s already time we should hurry up and leave they must be waiting for us.’ I gathered my stuff and was being ready to leave in hurry.
‘They are late as usual, Alex must be slowing down Susane. He is the laziest sloth I have ever seen in my entire life. That idiot!’ Ronaldo was so pissed at Alex that evening that he keep provoking him all that evening beside hearing the reason that I was the reason that we were late. As we settled down in Cristina’s room with some coffee and a pork for Alex. Ronaldo started with a news for Alex ‘This slowpoke got his selection day after 5 days and he can’t say no as he was the leader of the idol club in school, it was a direct order from the principal himself.’ And all that evening passed with Alex been stressed and sad. He probably was thinking a way out from that mess he had a good brain for amastermind in how to come out from these situation.
‘What’s the matter Alex you seems to be in stress, why aren’t you willing to take part in it? Our school is totally dependent on you’ I remember it clearly that at that time Cristina was my competitor for Alex she was a bit concern that Alex’s reckless action could cause him some serious troubles. So she plead for Alex to reconsider his actions. ‘It is not that I didn’t want to participate. It’s just that, well I don’t know, it’s just I don’t feel it right this time. I hadn’t said no to any competition before but this time it’s something else that I don’t know which is making this choice of mine.’ At that moment I realized Alex wasn’t behaving like himself anyway if Alex decided not to do anything he won’t do it at any cost.
After some time we decided not to engage in that conversation anymore and let Alex and me handle it.
‘Right back to the theme of summer festival, what should we do about it?’ Ronaldo helped us to get back where we started and the time passed peacefully. We discussed about everything and also about how to include the principal’s journey till now as it was his last year of work. He was getting retired next year.
For next three days Alex preferred to stay in his room thinking about his escape route and practiced a song for the worst. These days passed in no time until it was the selection day. I was at my one of the best mood and exactly at 7 am sharp I started shouting at Alex’s door. ‘Wake up, it’s your selection day or else you are going to be late for the school.’ After that I prepared our lunches while Alex got ready for the school. While we were on the dining table Alex started to throw one of his tantrum ‘Hey can’t I ditch the school today, my stomach hurts a lot.’ While having a toast and coffee.
After finishing we headed toward the school, we barely made it in time though. The selection was to begin after the fourth period, till the third period Alex was in the class and then after that he went off somewhere. As the fourth period ended I thought Alex was in the club practicing, though it seemed a bit unusual of him.
After thirty minutes there were some shouts in the corridors searching for someone and after that I was called in the club room of the idol club and was welcomed with a shocking news that Alex was nowhere to be seen in the school. Mr. Hedes the club advisor lectured me that how reckless Alex was and not to be found anywhere.
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