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by Plaid
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My self experience. Read at your leisure, just know this is a personal topic for me. Dark.
Delusional I am

The scars laced on my porcelain skin
have all begun to sink in
and show the monster inside me
to those who sought to see
they ask and turn to me with a look of plea
"You've gotten ill, that is no sham,
we've already admitted you into the program ,,

Delusional I am
Delusional I am
They've learned to care not for who I am,
sending red signals to all the damned
all along the wards' cleanse a scam

Do you have a thought of what they do?
No you don't for only us few knew
tired limbs and fallen lids,
security now used like a trading bid
if only you knew of what they hid

Delusional I am
Delusional I am

My soul is projected to you like a hologram.
I see things you've never thought to fear
please don't leave me,
don't leave me
I feel so much happier when you're here my dear.
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