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1/30/Flash Fiction: Can love be renewed?
Word count: 277

Jessica just wanted the hurt to go away.

Bobby told everyone he fell in love with her the first day she walked into the office. He told her how beautiful she was in her ear every time he walked by her desk. He bought her small gifts, like a pendant she eyed at the swap meet, a single flower which he picked from a field near his house, and a chocolate heart on a stick with a hand made card professing his love.

He canceled a date once in a while but always made it up to her taking her out to cozy private places. He told her he loved her. She said it back and meant it. Her life was fantastic, rosy, and bright.

One afternoon, Betty her best friend, put an arm around her shoulder and handed her a picture. Bobby was kissing Angelic, Jessica's secretary. They were in the stockroom. His hands rested just above the waistband of her skirt. The way their faces were angled it was not a friendly peck. "I'm sorry," Betty said, squeezing her shoulder, "but you had to know." Looking at the picture closer, Jessica found a chocolate heart on a stick clutched in Angelic's hand.

Jessica walked into Bobby's office, closed the door, and threw the picture on his desk. He looked at it, closed his eyes, opened them, and walked around the desk. "Let me explain."

"Nope, not this time. Thanks for the ride, Bobby. Hope you and Angelic are happy." With those words, she walked out of the room, returned to her desk, and fought back the tears. She just wanted the hurt to go away.
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