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Envisioning a forest, I try to sleep
On These Quiet Evenings I Dreamt I
Followed The Path In A Vast Forest, Suspecting That The
Real Forest Is Never Like These Dreams
And Is More Defined By The Trees Than The Paths Through Them,
A Space To Be Lost In, Rather Than Found.

But The Stars Surrounded Me Like Sentinels Watching,
Or So I Fancied, Telling Myself The Romantic View Of The World
Would Help Me Through The Depression Of My Dream.

I Stopped And Took A Drink Of Water From The Stream,
And Told Myself It Was The Fountain Of Youth, The Draft
Of Happiness Blowing In The Breeze, Rippling A Rejuvenating
Current, Giving Me The Will To Get Up And Keep Living.

But I Was Trying To Sleep, Not To Wake.
Determined To Have Energy To Work, To Love Myself Again,
(And Then Love Others)

Totally Bewitched I Trance-Walked
Into The Unreal Woods Of My Dream,
Content To Curl Up On A Bed Of Leaves And Lie Still
Lie Down, Lay My Head to Rest,


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