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by Norman
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The pirate was a hardened soul
The pirate slowly looked around
and squinted his good eye.
He gave more than a passing glance
at everyone nearby.

The pirate was a hardened soul.
Ol’ Squinty was his name.
He couldn’t walk without a crutch
for he was mostly lame.

His left eye had a patch on it
to cover up the hole.
The one who took that eye is gone.
He’s dead, God rest his soul.

Squint took another swig of ale
and turned back to his mate.
He held his stein up in the air
and said, “Let’s celebrate.”

His voice was low and hard to hear;
it came out in a wheeze.
It too was worn and damaged by
his long days on high seas.

The two of them drank back some brew
and then they ordered more.
They didn’t have much money now.
In fact, they still were poor.

But they had bought a treasure map,
at least they thought they had.
And if it turned out to be a fake,
well, things could get real bad.

For Squint could be a vicious man,
as pirates often can.
In fact he would be listed first
among the worst of man.

This treasure map would show the way,
or that’s what they were told,
to where the riches could be found:
a treasure chest of gold.

The map was hard to figure out
with only one good eye.
And it was dark within the bar.
He gave it one more try.

He spread it on the tabletop
and tried to work it out.
They said the gold would be nearby,
although he had some doubt.

The gold belonged to other men,
fierce pirates just like he,
and it was hard for him to think
that they would let it be.

His mate was only half his age.
Squint needed his strong back.
He also needed help to fight
in case of an attack.

He finally figured out the map.
That gold was buried near.
In order to dig up the chest
they had to get some gear.

He told his mate to pay the tab
as he got up to leave.
He stuffed the map back in his pants
and limped out with a weave.

They bought a pick and shovel, too.
That’s all that they would need.
Of all the seven deadly sins
they had the one called Greed.

And so they went off on their search
to find that chest of gold.
One man too young to have much sense,
the other one too old.

And did they find that treasure chest?
Well, yes, indeed they did.
But there was nothing but some dust
when they pulled up the lid.

There is another deadly sin
and Anger is the name.
Some call it Wrath or even Rage,
but it is all the same.

The pirate could not help himself,
the Rage filled up his head.
They shot each other in despair.
Now both of them are dead.

There still are tales of buried gold
for some brave soul to find.
But if you think you’d like to try,
well, keep this tale in mind.
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