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Rated: XGC · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2243256
He watches them. He follows them. He kills them. They are evil and he will destroy them.
Hi. Thanks for giving The Watcher a look. I just want to give a word of caution that the story you're about to tickle your eyes with is explicit. Bad words and some horrible anti-woman lingo. I wrote it like that because I want you to hate the character as much as I do. If you dig it, please let me know so I can add to it and hopefully improve upon it. Many hugs.

Chapter I

11:30 p.m. almost time for the skank bitch to get off. Tonight’s the night. I been wanting to do this for a while.

Bitches can be so shallow. Know what I’m saying? Take this bitch , I go to talk to her at a club, I walk up to her and say that she looks real fine and sexy and shit and she just flat out disses me. The chick she was with called me a dick or somethin’ who the fuck knows? All I wanted was for her to talk to me and she goes and treats me like a piece of shit. That’s the last fuckin’ time some slutty bitch does some shit like that to me. I’m gonna show her how it feels to be treated like shit. I might go and fuck her right. Not quite sure yet. She’ll probably be into it. It’s usually a bitch like that that gots lots of secrets to hide.

I can see her now, as soon as her ‘rents go to sleep she flips on the puter and do all sorts of freaky nasty shit on it so some fat fuck can yank his crank to her. Fuck that shit. This bitch is mine. All mine.

I gots everything I need to do it too. I got me a pillow case so I can put it over her head and some tape; you know duck tape, so I can tape the pillow case around her head. Lots of garbage bags for the end when I have to dump her dead ass somewhere. I got a couple of knives so I can run them all over her titties and make her piss herself.

In a couple of minutes I’m gonna go and get in the back seat of her little Honda. She actin’ all like she bettern’ me and she drivin’ a civic. Bitch. My boy Tony hooked me up with his slim jim so I can pop the lock, hop in back, and fuck this bitch good.

When I was a kid I got to see this dude get capped right outside my house. He was wantin’ to fight my older brother Ricky. He started cussin’at my brother in spanish and pushin’ him. All Ricky kept saying was “Fuck you spick!” Then this fucker pulled a knife on Ricky an’ was saying he was gonna cut him. I knew that was what he was saying cause he said it in American. But he was saying it all fucked up like, “Gone ta caught you main.” I know, fucked up right? Then this old Charger comes flying around the corner and there were these two loud fuckin’ pops. POP. POP. His fucking head just bursts open. It’s not like in the movies when some dude gets shot and he goes flyin to the wall or some shit. It’s a lot more….fuck …what’s the fucking word? Easy? No…subtle. Yeah, subtle. It’s a lot more subtle than that. Mother Fucker just fell, slumped right down. It was fuckin’ crazy.

I get out of the car and walk over to her ride. It ain’t as hard as you might be thinkin’ to break into a car. Some have alarms and shit, those can be fucked up trying to get one of those, but the older ones are easy as shit. All you gotta do is slide the slim jim between the window and the rubber part and move it all around to find the g-spot. Once you do, you’ll know, cause it slides right into place. Annnnd….pop. There you go. Unlocked like a mother fucker man.

What the fuck man? This bitch got more shit in her car. Civics is small but I can do what I need to do from in here. Let’s see what CDs she got. Bee Gees, Aretha Franklin, Melissa Etherage? What the fuck man? This bitch is a dyke! That’s why she didn’t want me at the club. I guess I’m gonna have to fuck her ass to show her what she missin’.

Whoa! Get down now. Here she comes. Fuck, I can’t get any lower. She gonna see me and I’m gonna be fucked. Aww yeah. She getting’ on her cell phone. I gots to wait till she hangs up ‘for I bag her. Shhh. Shhhh. She didn’t see me. How bout that? Who she talkin’ to? She sayin’ sumpin’ about how she wants to be seen at the club hangin’ out with someone. And if that bitch be steppin’ up to her she pull her hair out. Shit, bitches have no idea how to fight. Awww. She’s hangin’ up.
Alright, this is it. Bag this bitch and take her home and do some nasty shit. You gotta hold tight to the bag cause first thing she gonna do is reach back and grab it and try to pull it off. Okay, do it fast man.



Doug keeps looking at me. I know as soon as I turn around he starts looking at my butt. Scumbag. That’s all I can think when I look at him. Scumbag. I read somewhere that scumbag means nutsack. Ew.

I am so sick of working here. I’ve been going to school for three years and I am still stuck at the Southern Skillet. What time is it? Ahhh. 11: 30. I wish this table would cash out so I can get the hell out of here. I get to go meet my girls at the micro brewery. It’s going to be fun. Hopefully I can get laid, it’s been two months. This has been the longest dry-spell I’ve had in a long time. This is terrible, my mind always goes to sex. I must have a problem.

Cool. The lady at my table just called me back over. Please be paying, please be paying. Damn it all to hell. She wants another fucking iced tea. Shit, I want to get out of here!

I can’t stand being behind the bar. My feet stick to the floor and the smell could gag a maggot. Maybe, if I give her less tea she will drink it faster and I can leave quicker. Here you go you old bat.

“You’re welcome. Can I get you anything else tonight? I’ll take this as soon as you’re ready. No, not at all, take your time.”
Now hurry up and pay so I can get the fuck out of here.

Doug is looking at my ass again. I should confront him and embarrass his ass. See if looking at my ass is worth being humiliated in front of the whole restaurant. Well, if tonight doesn’t pan out I might see what he’s doing this weekend. Now I know I have a problem. I haven’t been laid in so long even Doug is starting to appeal to me. Nutsack!

She’s picking up her purse. Thank you God Almighty! I was about to go into her purse myself. She’s getting out her cigarettes. GOD!

“I’m sorry ma’am you’re in the non-smoking section.”

Don’t say you didn’t know. You asked for non-smoking, idiot. She’s looking at me like I’m just gonna let her smoke here. She’s getting out her wallet. Yayy! Now I can get outta dodge and hook up with my girls.

“You have great night. Thank you.”

Doug looks at my butt again as I walk to the lounge. I look back at him to let him know that he’s been caught. That’s right, ashamed that’s what you are.

I hope I don’t smell as bad as I normally do when I get out of here. I usually smell like whatever soup is on special. Tonight was clam chowder. So much for getting laid. Where are my keys? Nope. Ahhh! I always leave my purse in the cabinet by the dish tank. I’m never going to get out of here. Might as well just get a cot and sleep on the prep table. Ah ha! They’re in my apron. Thank you, Jesus.

“Bye all.”

They need to fix this door. Every time I open it, it makes this loud ‘chunk’ sound and I nearly piss myself.

Ringing? My phone. Where did I….? It’s Kelly. “Hey girl….no I got stuck with some clingons…. You know, Klingons? It’s a Star Trek joke. Nevermind.” I need to punch my brother for making that shit a part of my subconscious.

It’s cold out here. Oh my God. I smell terrible. I hope the wipes I have stashed in the car will weaken the smell.

“Yeah I will be there. As long as you don’t mind me smelling like I just came from a professional clam bake…..No…. What the hell's the matter with you? I’m not talking about my stuff… I hope that guy Victor is there….I don’t care if she is I’ll rip her hair out… Okay, see you in a few. Find a hottie for me. Muaaw!” I don’t see why she needs to kiss the phone when we hang up. If she turns out to be gay I swear I’m moving to Lansing.


Someone just broke my fucking window! Call 911. Call 911. Someone’s screaming! Call 911.

“HELP ME! HELP ME, PLEASE!.... Okay…I…Someone just… shattered the window of my car. Someone’s screaming too…I don’t know…I didn’t see anything…What?...Okay. Okay. The screaming stopped…I don’t know. Thank you, thank you…. I don’t want to look. I’m just gonna keep my head down okay.”


11:30 p.m. My hands are sweating from gripping the steering wheel. I have been looking forward to this all week. I just hope I’m not disappointed. Whenever I get my hopes up about something I’m always let down. The thing is, with tonight, I couldn’t help but get excited. This jerk has pretty much been doing whatever he’s felt like since I spotted him at that dance place Boogie Knights last week.

I love the art of people watching. Not just looking at them, but figuring out who they are, watching them like you do a television show or a movie. There are some movies I’ve seen nine or ten times and know almost the whole movie by heart. I know what is going to be said and what exactly will happen. That’s how I people watch. I watch them until I have them memorized.

The guy I’m watching now is named Glen Hillsdale. He’s twenty-two and lives in a two bedroom apartment in Common Wealth Estates. Isn’t it funny how all the apartment complexes that are riddled with filthy people and crappy cars have names like: Westgate Gardens or Bloomfield (let's create the illusion that this place is not filled with crackheads and whores) Village. Just an opinion mind you, I’m not out to offend anyone. Except Glen here.

He works inside a huge trade center. Not like the ones that were in New York but an indoor flea market where all sorts of degenerates go to purchase the wears of the aforementioned degenerates. He sells gaudy pewter rings of skulls and snakes and stupid leather gloves with the fingers cut off and holes over the knuckles. The funny thing is he talks like he should be on Snoop Dog’s top five preferred friends. I think he has to say the F-word every ten to fifteen seconds or he gets his pimp-daddy card revoked. I get angry just looking at him.
If I had my way, every moron who walked around with his pants around his knees would get a ticket or serve some minor jail time…. What?....They all don’t deserve to die. I just know of one for sure.

Look at him. He’s walking up to her car yankin’ up his pants every other step. Idiot. He has to walk with his legs spread to keep his britches from falling down.

There’s the slim jim he got from that other tool I’ll have to “watch” some other time.
I know what you’re thinking; I should just go and stop him now before he can do any real damage. Well I disagree; I feel that if I stop him in the act (not in the act of killing her, mind you, just before that) there will be no way he can deny his intentions. And if he does I can hurt him more because I’m pretty anti-liar.

Okay…he’s in the backseat. This guy is terrible; even if I wasn’t stalking him I could see him trying to act all “gangsta” even when he’s by himself. Duck lower already. I can see the statement now: “What happened ma’am?” “Well this moronic gangsta with his Levi’s around his ankles tried to suffocate me with a worn out pillow case with a Power Ranger on it.”

Here she is. I hope she’s paying attention. There she goes on the cell phone. Those things are dangerous anyway you slice it.
She’s opening the door and getting in.


The window shatters all over the back seat of the car and my fingers puncture the meat on his shoulder. I hear the bones crack and his arm goes limp. She screams and falls to the side. I can hear her trying to dial her cell phone. I tear him from the car kind of like you would rip toilet paper from the roll. He starts pleading for God to help him. This just ain’t your day…G.


“What’s he doing?”

“Just sitting in the car.”

“Put him to sleep!

“Calm down.”

“Fuck that! I want out! You hear me Samson? Let me out!”

“Alex, relax. Kaleb is right. We’re better off observing from here. Samson will be safe if we do not get involved.

“Bullshit! There is no point in just watching him do this. If we can’t get involved…fuck it.”

“Fine. Alex you go to sleep while Connor and I watch to see if we can get anything out of this.”

“Here we go. See if you can do anything.”

“Not going to happen. Even if I could, Alex is the only one who can keep control for any real length of time and if he’s in charge who knows what he’ll do.”

“I don’t see why he protects them.”

“You know as well as I do why he does. He needs to be a savior. No one was a savior for him, so he has to be a savior to the rest of the world. Just think if he didn’t have us to help steer him what kind of monster he’d be.”

“Samson you’re going to cut up your knuckles.”

“He doesn’t listen to us. He’ll just ignore us like he does all the time.”

“Until he finds himself in the middle of an alley trying to use a sink that isn’t there.”

“Fingers puncture the flesh. Bones breaking. He is going to get into trouble if he’s not careful.”

“What does he have to be careful about? If he does get caught, and I mean IF, I believe everyone in the general public will thank him instead of hang him.”

“Think about it, if he gets caught he will have to go for a psych evaluation. If that happens they will find out what happened to him… then he’ll know… and if he knows there is no need for us.”

“Just kill him Samson so we can go home.”

“He needs us.”
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