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In this story, I put forth my own definition. I rewrote this; I put page 3 before page 1.
         Solidify the true self; the part that makes originality unique; that special way of setting yourself apart from other people. Quality is distinguished by the absorption of knowledge that remains intact, even when compromised with false information that leads to an outbreak of an interruption of a mindset. This is my own definition that came to mind.

         Originality is a variant contributor of ideas, with a perspective of factors that make uniqueness a distinct attribute of a genius. Have you ever thought of yourself as a genius? You're a genius in your own right; you've copyrighted your dream, an imagination put to good use for your very own creativity; it's an example that could open someone's eyes to new possibilities.

         Singing inspires joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow, and the originality of verses. Whatever the mood instills in the mind, the mood can bring comfort that only you can understand. Then, you bring that comfort in ways that others can relate to.

         Isolation is manifested from a lonely heart. Loneliness is the beast inside of us that presents itself by saying that you're no longer loved or liked. It's a low point where existence seems to be non-existent. The point is to get ourselves to be nonchalant; a calmness that doesn't allow us to be stressed out from loneliness.

         Happiness is the inner workings of the outside of us, forming the special glow of transparency, which is a contagion to other people. The laughter springs forth joy; a constant reminder of the smiles, radiating energy that makes us feel younger; we're able to cope with our surroundings better, even when bad things are happening.

         Expressing gratitude is giving thanks to the ones who have helped us get our act back together; the appreciation of kindness that elevates our attitude for helping others. Exhilaration helps to put forth the effort; it's the adrenaline level that gives us the bravery; taking a step when needed to show caring to those less fortunate.

         Compassion is from the goodness of your heart; it's an understanding that lifts the desire of putting yourself into someone else's shoes; it's humbling that satisfies the soul of the human and the tenderness of caring for animals.

         Peace within is the longing that we'd like to have; getting along with each other, not resorting to violence that will attack anyone that might be in the way; this includes going so far as to kill someone.

         Solidify the true self; take a chance to create a solid foundation; an existence of peaceful living that would lead to a world of peace.

         Written by Anna Marie Carlson
         Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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