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A gentle lady pines for love - for the Search for a WDC Heartthrob Poet Contest

The Well of Loneliness

I've suffered years of loneliness and strife
without a special person in my life —
a man who'll fight his way through snow and sleet
to reach my side and worship at my feet.
I need a man who'll place me on a throne
but fear I'll spend my twilight years alone.
As time has passed, I've slowly lost my faith;
my sparkle's died and left behind a wraith.

Keep faith, my Queen, for I am on the way
to rescue you and lift you high above.
Because I see the beauty trapped inside
your earthly shell, and every day I pray
my deeds will make me worthy of your love.
I won't be whole until you are my bride.

14 lines
A Perseplolis1 poem in loose iambic pentameter
Written for the:
Search for a WDC Heart Throb Poet   (E)
A contest for the heart season- (Poetry Contest) OPENS Feb 1,2021
#2110571 by Samberine Everose

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1  When Leny Roovers (Presenter of the Dutch Sonnet) was in Persepolis (Iran) in 2015 she was impressed by how the history of East and West had met there long ago and after a lot of thought came a sonnet combining East and West. The Octave consisting of the Mathnawi form, and the Sestet a stock standard Italian one. The two forms originally had no set syllable count. Later the Anglicised Mathnawi had 11 syllables and the Wyatt version of the Italian was set to Iambic Pentameter, but nowadays these rules are often broken. Here is the pattern;
a. a. b. b. c. c. d. d.. e. f. g. e. f. g.

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