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Some lyrics I wrote a few years ago.

1.) Her entire skin an invisible tattoo, becoming black and blue./ Substituting razor blades for her lavender shampoo, becoming black and blue./ She's choking on her words, her talk too tough to chew, becoming black and blue. / Strangling the mystery when she hasn’t got a clue, becoming black and blue.

Chorus: Sunshine smile, sunset eyes./ Heart like a full moon hid in cloudy skies./ Evading evolutions long overdue./ Becoming black and blue.

2.) She's setting lies on fire, and seeing smoke as true, becoming black and blue./ Studying her eyelids, while denying deja vu, becoming black and blue/ She's breaking cupid’s bow in broken heart’s debut, becoming black and blue./ Nailing all her lines, but missing every cue, becoming black and blue./

3.) Her bathtub is a cauldron, her blood a witches brew, becoming black and blue./ Doubling down on discards and jokers that she drew, becoming black and blue./ Tired of trying to be a beautiful view, becoming black and blue./ The storm is her cathedral, thunder clouds her pew, becoming black and blue.
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