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by T
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #2243448
Stressed 18 year old eats his way out of it.
The light shines through your window in eastern Ohio on your 18th birthday, a few days after the last day of your Junior year. You were older than most of the kids in your grade since you were able to skip preschool, and smarter too; going to a small suburban school.
You were 5’10, and played running back in football, shooting guard in basketball, and catcher in baseball. You, your little brother, and older sister were raised to be athletic and eat healthy growing up.
Your sister was a track star and went to Ohio State for hurdles and sprints, until she tore her ACL. She can’t run anymore but got to keep the scholarship, not the physique though..
Your younger brother was going to be a Sophomore this upcoming year, and plays basically the same sports except track instead of baseball. You have always been seen as more talented than your brother, even though he’s an inch taller and a little faster. He had been working hard though and plans to take your starting running back spot after next year.
None of you really new your dad, he left right after your brother was born. This left your mom to work extra hard and
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