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The origin of a hero I came up with named Slimegirl.
Slime Girl
Charlotte was born on a distant planet called Umidus home to a species of slime people called Limus. They were a peaceful species and had many abilities. First they can change their shape to anything they want to. Second they can change their forms to look like anyone. Third, their color changes depending on their emotion. Red is anger, blue is sadness, yellow is happiness, green is disgusted, white is fear, purple is anxiety, and orange is lying. Finally they had one predator called Sorbere. The Limus people lived in peace until one day the Sorbere found their city and attacked. When it was attacked all the infants including Charlotte were put in pods and launched into space. Charlotte traveled many lightyears away until she crash landed on earth where she was found by the C.I.U. (Creature Investigation Unit) and for the next fifteen years of her life she was raised by the C.I.U. and the hero league Legend. When she was old enough she joined Legend.
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