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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2243467
Yuna and Kale Love Story.

"Do we really need to end this relationship?" Kale ask.

"Yeah, it's for our sake. Our fans. Your group." A girl said to Kale while stopping her tears.

"We can keep it as a secret." He replied to the girl.

"No, we need to end this relationship." She replied. "You're going to be okay, without me. Right?" She continued.

"No." Kale said. "You?"

"I'm gonna be okay." She said.

"If it's okay with you. Then I will try my best to be okay." He said to the girl.

"Can I hug you for the last time?" The girl asked.

And Kale just nodded.

The girl hug Kale and he hugged her back.

"This is our last hug to each other, right?" Kale asked. The girl just nodded. Kale shirt is now wet because of the girl crying on his shoulder. "I'm gonna miss you." Kale said with love.

"Me too." The girl said.

They end the hug and Kale just smiled at her, who's crying now while looking at Kale with a smile.

"Goodbye Kale." The girl said and you can feel her pain.

"Good bye my love. Till we crossed paths again."

That's the last word he said to Yuna.
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