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by Hank
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For those who fall in love with writers
For those who fall in love with writers, they have to know the hard truth; writers are very complicated people, in fact, I don’t think there is anything more complicated than a writer’s mind, and don’t even get me started on their soul… They can be quite difficult, and mad, they are for sure. But their madness won’t harm you if you’re a free spirit. Writers usually prefer to spend time alone, or with the person they trust the most, they hate the crowd, so don’t bother taking them to fancy and crowded places; they’ll get bored as hell! They don’t talk much because they feel the world won’t get their mind, and when they do talk, people often get mad at them, they find them irritating, because they speak the truth, they speak their mind. They prefer to have deep conversations, they’ll talk to you about the stars, the universe, what fears and dreams are made of… They are very quiet people, but with the right ones they get crazy as hell. They’re very selective about how and with whom they spend their time, and, I almost forgot; they hate small talks: so if what you want to say isn’t relevant, keep it to yourself. They hate parties; don’t throw one for them, not even if it’s their birthday… If it’s your birthday they’ll take you to unusual places: Camping under the stars, bookstores, museums, art galleries, and they’ll almost always offer you books, take them and keep them no matter what because they thought about it a million times, and there’s always something they want to say behind it… Oh and, whatever you do, don’t ever offer them books; they’re very selective about what they read and if you mistake the book, they’ll take it very badly, and usually they have a dozen books prepared to be read… They’re old souls, they like old and odd things, they listen to old music, especially rock and roll; don’t ask them to chose between the Beatles and the Stones: they’ll spend hours explaining to you their music and in the end they’ll pick Led Zeppelin… They’ll put Zevon on the radio every time. They’ll quote you Keats and Bukowski, they’ll teach you how to play the guitar, they’ll sing for you when you just want to sleep… They drink, sometimes they smoke, you’ll find them at 3 am walking down the streets for no apparent reason. They get lost in their thoughts a lot, they spend half of their time there, don’t think they’re empty; there’s a whole universe in their head! They’re usually honest, and when they feel you’re not honest with them, and they will know it, they’ll just walk away, so if you want to spend time with them, you have to be true to whom you are, you have to know they won’t judge you. So know that writers are hard to love, but what happens if you fall in love with one? Well you’ll live a totally new experience, they’ll take you literally to another universe, and you will never see the world as before, for there is a life before you met them, and there is another one after you meet them. They’ll listen to you and they’ll understand you better than anyone else, even better than you understand yourself. They’ll dig deep into your soul, they’ll see all the crazy thing you’ve been hiding from the world, even from yourself, and they’ll help you understand them, and accept them as a part of you, they’ll see and accept you exactly as you are… They’ll never betray you, be sure of that! They’ll be beside you when you feel the whole world against you. If you go to jail, you’ll find them in the cell next to yours saying: That was fun! They’ll take you dancing every now and then; in the streets, in the kitchen, under the rain, under the moonlight, they’ll remember every word you’ll say… You’ll feel loved and alive when you’re with them. Oh and, if a writer falls in love with you, you’ll never die; you’ll live forever across the lines of every book he’ll write, and even time itself cannot kill you...
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