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Written in a mental hospital
1. Standing on the
podium of life
i cant see the top, no one
holds that spot
Non existent place

2. breath is shallow
feeling faint
seeing shadows
with an evil taint
head is swimming
lost in confusion
light is dimming
panic and pains fusion
ears are muffled
vision gray
stress is doubled
take it all away
i want to escape
there is no where to go
get me out of this place
i cant get more low

3. Panic, the pain
so confusing, where?
its all too much please
get me away from
Panic, the pain

4. Lost, cant see
where am i
going, where
have i gone

5. disappointment
i know that
word well
repeated many times
in my life, regarding

6. The tears are
stuck to her
cheeks, crystallizing
into diamonds of pain

7. Clandestine feelings
intrusive thoughts
inherent confusion
destructive person

8. My people marched
so that I may
have a future
well, they
should have
stayed home because
disappointment is
my middle name

9. The words on the paper
trying to describe how
I feel, I forget
that im
unreadable yet

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